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The logo of a company or institution must outline the chief distinctive features and ideals that company or institution embodies. Hence, a logo presentation template must focus on these areas and also provide details like production cost and design particulars. You can Download the Free Logo Presentation Template form, customize it according to your needs and […]

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All presentation templates are compatible with Google slides. Read this  to know how.

It is a simple presentation template for Impress!

A presentation template to celebrate the Chinese Year of the Monkey (Spring Festival or Lunar New Year). You can use it for sending your greetings or talk about chinese traditions.

You may download the Fedora Presentation template below:

Find free quality presentation templates and focus on communicating your ideas. These designs cover all styles from playful and creative to formal and business presentations, and all templates are easy-to-edit. Use them freely for your own presentation needs, work right away in Google Slides or download the templates as a PowerPoint PPT file and continue working on your computer.

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A presentation template is an effective tool which is used for the providing the required information in a professional manner for the official purposes. Presentation templates are made in unique patterns by executing a number of instructions .According to the requirement, the template pattern is chosen and necessary information is inserted with. The presentation template […]A new business presentation template is a layout that gives idea to the audience about a person’s plan regarding a new business set up. Such kind of templates is used to make the business partners and clients aware of all the issues related to the setting up of new business. You can Download the Free […]A free presentation template is used to create a presentation template free of charge. Presentations are very important for making one’s point and are often used to explain a product, plan or service to the client or to employees in the office, or by students to explain a project in their class, at seminars etc. […]A case study must indicate the nature of research being conducted, the specificities of that particular case, and the nature of interrogation as well as the inferences drawn from the case study. Thus a case study template must keep these considerations in mind. You can Download the Free Case Study Presentation Template form, customize it according […]A Business development presentation template is a layout which is used by a business person to demonstrate the overview of business development in front of his client or business partners. You can Download the Free Business Development Presentation Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Business Development Presentation Template is either in MS Word, […]An annual report presentation must highlight the achievements of a company in a particular fiscal year. It must ensure complete transparency and clarity for proper understanding of a company’s performance. An annual report presentation template must include these concerns. You can Download the Free Annual Report Presentation Template form, customize it according to your needs and […]
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[…] E-learning templates and corporate branding is one of those issues where you can go round and round and never really end at a place where everyone’s happy. I wrote a little bit about this a while back when I discussed how to change your presentation template to an elearning template. […]

Design of presentation template for IHG InnSupply as part of broader creative/identity work

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Digital Art Creative Powerpoint Template :

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Robo Creative Powerpoint Theme:

Design of presentation template for IHG InnSupply as part of broader creative/identity work

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