AERC PhD Thesis Research Awards

To be considered for the PhD Thesis Awards 2015, five copies of the PhD Thesis must be submitted, together with a letter of recommendation from the PhD supervisor (promotor), in which the quality of the PhD Thesis is illustrated and in which the relevance, significance and originality of the research are highlighted.
The deadline for submission is Tuesday April 19, 2016.

Processing of Application for PhD Thesis Research Award

PhD Thesis Project Award: GPILS: University of Maryland

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The PhD thesis research awards applications have two deadlines per year: January 31 for the June award and July31 for the December award.

Erik Steur wint DISC PhD Thesis Award 2011

AERC offers a limited number of PhD thesis awards annually towards PhD thesis research. To be eligible for consideration, the request must come from an African national enrolled in a doctoral degree programme in Economics at a recognized university within or outside the African continent. Applicants must have completed all course requirements for the degree as well as be in the research and/or writing phase of the dissertation. In addition, applicants should not have received any other funding to support the dissertation activities outlined in the PhD proposal/budget from AERC or any other source. Priority is given to candidates pursuing a career in economic management, research and/or teaching at a public institution in sub-Saharan Africa.

The Royal Society of Chemistry Energy Sector will award a £500 cash prize for the best PhD thesis awarded in the field of Chemistry for the Energy Sector. The current Call will close on November 30th, 2015. Candidates will be PhD Theses defended and mainly conducted in Europe or in countries having a Eurographics Chapter or in EG Organizational Member Institutions ( ). Theses defended and awarded the degree from May 1st, 2014, up October 31st, 2015, are eligible in this edition. The required documentation includes:

1. The Thesis in English, or a link to the corresponding entry in the EG Digital Library.

2. Names and contact details of four possible reviewers, of which at least one is not the Thesis supervisor or one of the examiners or a co-author in a publication resulting from the thesis. The connection of each possible reviewer to the Thesis (Supervisor, Examiner, Co-author, None) should be stated. The Awards Committee reserves the right to solicit reviews also from persons not on this list.

3. The submission must include a link to the Thesis pdf in the Eurographics Digital Library, Graphics Dissertation Online. Nominations must refer to Thesis documents being publicly available at Graphics Dissertation Online. Forms and procedures for submission of the thesis for archiving in the Eurographics Digital Library are available at:

4. Full CV of the candidate with explicit mention of which publications resulted from the thesis.

The documentation of candidate nominations must be sent by e-mail to the PhD Thesis Awards chair, Paolo Cignoni ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ), not later than November 30th, 2015. Submissions can be sent by the candidate, the supervisor or any other researcher. All submitted material should be in English. Every Thesis can be submitted only once.
Ambat, and S B Rudraswamy awarded Best PhD Thesis Awards at IEEE UPCON 2015

ICFO-News-2015-07-22-UPC PhD Thesis Awards 2015

The PhD Thesis Awards Committee consists of five members. Committee membership will be for five years terms, which will be staggered to ensure continuity. The committee can decide, as an extraordinary measure, to increase the number of awards in some years. The Committee will consider the quality of the work, the review reports, the quality and impact of the publications derived from the thesis, the coherence of the state of the art section in the thesis and any other relevant aspect of the work.

PhD Thesis Awards - Academisch Medisch Centrum

PhD Thesis Awards | CMS Experiment

This year's fourth CONET Master and PhD Thesis Awards were handed over at EWSN 2012 in Trento, Italy. The award ceremony was held at the Toblino Castle, a magnificent stronghold that rises in the middle of Lake Toblino. Theses in the area of Cooperating Objects that were completed during the year 2011 at an official European university were assessed by separate academic and industrial juries with respect to scientific originality, scientific significance for the field of Cooperating Objects, quality of the presentation and potential for practical application. Dr. Panayiotis G. Andreou received the best PhD Academic Award.

Ten EECS graduate students were selected this fall to receive department SM and PhD thesis awards

BiR&D Multi-Disciplinary PhD Thesis Awards 2016 - FNRS

PhD graduate Bennett Banting won The Masonry Society’s PhD Thesis Awards for his dissertation titled: “Seismic Performance Quantification of Concrete Masonry Structural Walls and Confined Boundary Elements and Development of the Normal Strain-Adjusted Strength Expression (NSEE).”