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Remember the MD-PhD AMCAS essays are what tells a program that you are mature and know what you are getting yourself into. Make them shine, or don’t bother applying!

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A. If you indicated MD/PhD on the AMCAS application, and answered those questions on the AMCAS application, you do NOT need to answer the same questions on the secondary application from iApply. Type "Please see AMCAS MD/PhD essays", and we will review your answers to the AMCAS MD/PhD questions.

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If you designate an MD/PhD program, the AMCAS application will present you with two additional essays, one addressing why you are applying to an MD/PhD program (3000 character limit) and the other a specific essay on the research you have done to date (10,000 character limit). The MD/PhD essays will be transmitted by AMCAS to the schools to which you indicate you will apply to the MD/PhD program. Some schools will allow you to go ahead and start the application process to their MD/PhD program even before you file your AMCAS application, e.g., the Tri-Institutional Program in NYC. If you are applying to MD/PhD programs, check the program web sites soon to see if that is the case.

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If you are applying to an MD/PhD program(s), you are required to provide two additional essays. Use the MD/PHD essay to state your reasons for pursuing the combined MD/PhD degree. Your responses will only be forwarded to your designated MD/PhD program(s). This essay is limited to 3,000 characters.

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Like most of us, I was saddened by the loss of Emmy, Grammy, and Golden Globe winning actor Robin Williams. Here is an excerpt from one of my PhD essays, “Dead Poets and the Lawnmower Man,” that drew on the movie, The Dead Poets Society and his excellent performance to investigate virtual reality as an […]

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MD-PhD applicants face one of the most daunting hurdles in the application process” writing three MD-PhD AMCAS essays. While these essays are difficult to write, they are also the crux of an MD-PhD AMCAS application and should not be written in haste. The first essay is identical to the essay everyone must write about why they want to be a physician. The second essay asks the applicant why they want to be an MD-PhD and their thoughts on becoming a physician scientist. The third is a description of the applicants significant research projects.