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The RSC Energy Sector Executive Committee decides the prize winner based on a recommendation by the PhD Award Sub-Committee and the decision cannot be challenged.

The Call for the 2015 EAPLS PhD Award is now open. See below.

The 2016 PhD Awards Session will be held on Monday, June 13, in AMC Lecture Hall 4.

PhD awards - Graduate School for the Humanities

The purpose of the award is to spotlight UK PhD research in the energy sector. A PhD Award Sub-Committee, formed from RSC Energy Sector Executive Committee and co-opted experts, will assess the application and recommend the winner to the Executive Committee for approval. The sub-committee may seek the advice of other professionals (academics, industrialists, RSC advisors/subject champions) to assess the merits of an application.

EAPLS Best PhD Dissertation Awards

The PhD Award Sub-Committee will base their assessment on the criteria below from information provided in the candidate’s Executive Summary and supporting evidence from the PhD thesis itself.

BIVEC-GIBET PhD Award 2012
The current Call will close on November 30th, 2015. Candidates will be PhD Theses defended and mainly conducted in Europe or in countries having a Eurographics Chapter or in EG Organizational Member Institutions ( ). Theses defended and awarded the degree from May 1st, 2014, up October 31st, 2015, are eligible in this edition. The required documentation includes:

1. The Thesis in English, or a link to the corresponding entry in the EG Digital Library.

2. Names and contact details of four possible reviewers, of which at least one is not the Thesis supervisor or one of the examiners or a co-author in a publication resulting from the thesis. The connection of each possible reviewer to the Thesis (Supervisor, Examiner, Co-author, None) should be stated. The Awards Committee reserves the right to solicit reviews also from persons not on this list.

3. The submission must include a link to the Thesis pdf in the Eurographics Digital Library, Graphics Dissertation Online. Nominations must refer to Thesis documents being publicly available at Graphics Dissertation Online. Forms and procedures for submission of the thesis for archiving in the Eurographics Digital Library are available at:

4. Full CV of the candidate with explicit mention of which publications resulted from the thesis.

The documentation of candidate nominations must be sent by e-mail to the PhD Thesis Awards chair, Paolo Cignoni ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ), not later than November 30th, 2015. Submissions can be sent by the candidate, the supervisor or any other researcher. All submitted material should be in English. Every Thesis can be submitted only once.
Alfonso Pedraza Martinez (Technology & Operations Management) - The 2010 “Best PhD Proposal Award” of the College of Sustainable Operations, Production and Operations Management Society at the 21st Annual POMS conference in Vancouver, Canada for his paper entitled " Last Mile Vehicle Fleet Management in Humanitarian Operations"The award consists of a certificate announcing the winner to have received the EAPLS PhD award 2015. The supervisor will receive a copy of this certificate. If possible, the certificate will be handed out ceremonially at a suitable occasion, as for instance the ETAPS conference.During a festive ceremony, the PhD Awards Session, which is held in June every year, the AMC Graduate School presents a range of awards to acknowledge the work of AMC scientists and educators. The AMC PhD Scholarship winners will be announced. The PhD thesis Awards, PhD Publication Awards, PhD Poster Awards and Best PhD Course Award are also announced at this event. The three nominees for the Thesis Award each give a short presentation on their research, after which the jury decides on the final winner. The Dean then presents the awards to the winners. At the end of the ceremony, all those present are invited to make a toast to the winners.
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BETA PhD Award 2010 for Christian W. Günther — Flux Capacitor

In 2011, Eurographics extended the Research Awards Programme by creating an additional Best PhD Thesis Award. The aim is to recognize good thesis work in Europe, to incentivize young researchers, and to offer them the opportunity to publish the state of the art section of their thesis as a STAR in the Computer Graphics Forum Journal. Eurographics annually grants three PhD thesis awards. They are jointly sponsored by Eurographics and the Computer Graphics Forum Journal.

Best PhD thesis award from the Computer Science Department for academic year 2012-2013

VBC PhD Award - Vienna Biocenter PhD Programme

The PhD Thesis Awards Committee consists of five members. Committee membership will be for five years terms, which will be staggered to ensure continuity. The committee can decide, as an extraordinary measure, to increase the number of awards in some years. The Committee will consider the quality of the work, the review reports, the quality and impact of the publications derived from the thesis, the coherence of the state of the art section in the thesis and any other relevant aspect of the work.

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Picture 1: PathoGenoMics PhD Award 2010 Award Presentation.

The Royal Society of Chemistry Energy Sector will award a £500 cash prize for the best PhD thesis awarded in the field of Chemistry for the Energy Sector.