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Not only does a clinical PC experience lend itself to reflective practice and writing, it may be an efficient way to teach and assess professionalism. We believe ours is the first article to examine reflective writing after a clinical PC experience as a way to assess professionalism. Assessing professionalism requires a discord in principles for the learner to identify the conflict, the resolution, and the reasoning. Because the exigencies of clinical practice are uncertain, finding such conflicts in principles for students to encounter on a consistent basis is difficult. Meeting educational objectives around professionalism requires more than assigning students to clinical rotations and hoping these specific teaching opportunities arise. Clinical PC experiences seem to be one means of overcoming this barrier and meeting educational objectives for professionalism on a more consistent basis, especially as more medical schools integrate clinical PC experiences. Professional attitudes related to all four selected professionalism competencies were evident in the student essays. Our essay instructions represent the format developed to guide student reflection for the clinical PC experience. The balance between fewer prompts to allow for spontaneous themes and more proscription to guide reflection toward exploration of potential conflicts is a challenge. Reflection should include a significant element of freedom to encourage depth of thought and personal insight; however, an open narrative format is less predictable and probably best serves a formative assessment approach. On the other hand, more specific prompts linked to different professionalism competencies might yield a summative assessment. As currently constructed, the essays have limited use for summative assessment; this might be mitigated some in the future by more specific essay prompts. The essays do offer opportunities for formative assessment of professionalism, which ultimately may contribute to the development of professional identity. Because achieving a summative assessment of professionalism may be the greater challenge in the larger medical school curriculum and true formative feedback on an essay is difficult to achieve in real time, we favor an adjustment toward a more summative assessment for our future essay instructions.

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Recognition of the young winners of the 26th Lions International Peace Poster. Contest and Our World, Our Future Essay Contest for blind and visually impaired.

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