Actually, organization of project files is based upon the following:

Organizing a group project is a rewarding, but huge, task. It requires hours of planning and talking with volunteers to organize and delegate the work. Nevertheless, with the cooperation of everyone involved, it can end up being not only a productive endeavor, but fun as well. It’s an opportunity to share your own passion with others to bring about positive change in your community. The key is to plan and organize everything ahead of time so that problems can be identified early and be fixed before the actual execution of the project. This is also less stressful to you as group leader and other members because everyone knows their particular roles and what is expected of them.

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The organization has the project/task owning organization classification enabled.

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Once a decision has been reached on the most appropriate form of horizontal organization at the project level, there are further questions to be considered regarding the pattern on which specialist units should be set up within the organization. In particular, there are two important questions concerning the division of responsibilities for water management. The first is whether water distribution and maintenance work should be undertaken by the same unit or two different ones; and the second is whether there should be an additional unit with specific responsibilities for assisting farmers in matters related to the water management at the watercourse or small group level, which is discussed further on in the text.

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“Highly recommended. A must for all teachers who are thinking about organizing a project with students and the community. This documentary is a true testament to the fact that every person, young or old, and with the help of others, can work in a positive and constructive manner to become good stewards of the environment in an effort to create a better tomorrow.”
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Two of the most "important factors affecting the choice of an appropriate form of horizontal organization at the project level are the size of the project area and its level of economic development. Other important factors include the objectives of government and the character of existing institutions in the area concerned.So for this article, I’m going to focus on how to organize a project from the point of view of a sponsor who is responsible for the project. I’ll show you a six-step process for organizing the project. And yes, I did say the project sponsor is responsible.Ineffective organization of project files, whether electronic or paper-based, can put serious risks upon the way towards agile and smooth performance of a project, as enormous amounts of time will be senselessly wasted by the team members due to poorly arranged searching and sharing of information that they will daily need for their ongoing work. i'm not referring to being a Project Manager in this tutorial, but organizing a project in AutoCAD takes a standard approach. Consider drawing a room a 'project', or a floor. On your first day of the job given a project and asked to draw it. What you draw will depend upon the 'Scope of Work'
Consequently, it is important to recognize the changing nature of the organizational structure as a project is carried out in various stages.

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To illustrate various types of organizations for project management, we shall consider two examples, the first one representing an owner organization while the second one representing the organization of a construction management consultant under the direct supervision of the owner.

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When you enter only one value for each search attribute, the AND operator is applied. For example, if you search for projects that are associated with the Vision Services organization and for projects whose start date is not 005, the search returns projects that are associated with Vision Services organization and whose start date is not 2005.

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Given the bulk of information associated with construction projects, formal organization of the information is essential so as to avoid chaos. Virtually all major firms in the arena of project management have computer based organization of cost accounts and other data. With the advent of micro-computer database managers, it is possible to develop formal, computerized databases for even small organizations and projects. In this section, we will discuss the characteristics of such formal databases. Equivalent organization of information for manipulation is possible but tedious. Computer based information systems also have the significant advantage of rapid retrieval for immediate use and, in most instances, lower overall costs. For example, computerized specifications writing systems have resulted in well documented savings. These systems have records of common specification phrases or paragraphs which can be tailored to specific project applications.