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As expected, written projects comprise a major portion of any online writing degree program. A healthy amount of reading is also required, with classes such as American literature, world literature and classical literature often required. Some classes may offer business-related classes for students interested in an office writing job. Research practices and grammar are also common classes.

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Yes, online writing degrees are available from a number of institutions. Many undergraduate degrees can be earned entirely online without ever having to step foot in a classroom. Both for-profit and nonprofit universities around the country are starting to offer different types of writing degrees through distance learning. Examples include the University of Colorado and Southern New Hampshire University's online English degrees, Arizona State University's online technical communication degree, and Full Sail University's online master of fine arts.

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I've been looking at University of Texas--El Paso and Western New Mexico University. Both offer online Writing degrees.
Yes, online writing degrees are available from a number of institutions

Both offer online Writing degrees

Individuals who enjoy reading and writing may wish to pursue an online writing degree. Writing degree programs cover a variety of topics related to the written word, including grammar, literature, creative writing and paragraph structure. Upon graduation, students will be armed with the necessary technical and artistic skills to pursue a rewarding career as a writer.

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Regardless of the career path you choose, it all begins with earning the right degree. Fortunately, online writing degrees make it simple to study for everything from a bachelor's degree to a MFA creative writing degree. Learn more by requesting information about professional and creative writing degrees today. Or, check out .

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The backbone of a compelling story is creative writing. Thoughts and fresh new ideas put into words become the foundation of all entertainment media today. And an online writing degree can land you a job in just about every corner in the entertainment world or perhaps in the print media.

Every film, television series, talk show, game, and all sorts of entertainment media you see around you is the byproduct of a single idea hewn into words and finally realized with its own timeslot. Without the creative writers behind each one, there would be no story, no entertainment and that's it.

Books, magazines, and newspapers are non-existent without the fiction and non-fiction writers and news columnists. The vast information overload we enjoy surfing on the internet won't be there without content writers, blog posters, and freelance writers. Can you imagine living in a world without writers?

If you have an overflowing mind of ideas that will certainly make massive hits with the public and you wanted to put them into words that will impress the producers, an online writing degree program can lead the way for you. In order to amaze the big bosses, you must have a writing degree that proves just how big your ideas are.

Career Paths for Online Writing Degree Graduates:
- Freelance Writing - freelance writers enjoy the luxury of time because they can work and relax whenever they wish to. They can find freelance writing jobs either online or offline.
- Publishing - the publishing industry needs editors and proofreaders to carefully screen and select books that have been written by aspiring authors. With a writing degree tucked under your belt, publishing houses are highly in need of someone like you.
- Newspaper/Magazine - become a columnist, a regular contributor, an editor, or even the editor-in-chief in broadsheet newspaper and magazine companies
- Film Writer - a good film starts with the creative minds of film writers so whether they're basing the story on a book or from their own ideas, the skill of creative thinking and writing comes into play
- Television Creative Writer - all television series, game shows, sitcoms, talk shows, and other television programs are backed up with creative writers that began proposing the idea through writing. From research to the flow of the story and the main purpose of the show, the creative writers have started it all.
- Internet - the internet information highway is filled with websites that provide useful contents that benefit each and every one of internet users. Each website might be the product of programmers but its essence and overall appeal to the public is the lifetime endeavor of internet writers.