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Grammarly is your online writing coach, and with free and paid versions, there’s one that’s perfect just for you. You just upload your copy and Grammarly will check for errors and point out corrections. It’s obviously a valuable service for writers and bloggers, but I think everyone should have a free account to keep handy. You never know when you’ll have an important email or note that you want to double check!

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"The Whale" centers on a 600-pound intellectual, confined to home and couch, who functions as an online writing coach. The conflict arises when he attempts to reconnect with his 17-year-old daughter, whom he hasn't seen since walking out on her and her mother (for a man) when the girl was 2. Now, nearly grown, she's learned to hate the world and everything in it, usually at the top of her voice.

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Time hired two twentysomething turncoats to pen the piece, Ivy league alumni David M. Gross and Sophfronia Scott, two hack artists who were in no way representative of Generation X. During much of the '90s, Gross was a corporate finance lawyer. Scott, on the other hand, contributed to cover stories for People, including "The 50 Most Beautiful People," before becoming an online writing coach known as the "Book Sistah." For the sake of conciseness, I'll refer to Gross and Scott as GrossBookSistah from this point forward.

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While everyone is welcome to use the Writing Center’s online , our coaching services are available only to current students, faculty, and staff of UNC-Chapel Hill. Do not make an appointment to discuss someone else’s writing or submit someone else’s draft to the Online Writing Coach. If your friend or family member might be interested in working with a Chapel Hill-area writing tutor or editor, please refer him or her to our “” listing.To provide time for the writing coach to read your paper and provide a thoughtful response, we limit page length to 10 pages. If you have a lengthy paper, particularly a thesis or dissertation, make an appointment at our on-site Writing Center. You are also welcome to submit troubling excerpts to the Online Writing Coach.Current students, faculty, and staff can submit drafts to the Online Writing Coach. Submissions by undergraduates in the College of Arts and Sciences that are related to academic courses will receive priority, followed by those from Arts and Sciences graduate students; others may sometimes receive slower responses. During busy times, we may not be able to respond to all submissions before their due dates. You must be affiliated with the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to use the Online Writing Coach. If you are a non-UNC educator or technology professional and would like to see the forms students fill out when they submit drafts, please contact us.You’ll start out with a comprehensive assessment – a writing sample that an online writing coach evaluates followed by a 4-part skills survey. Based on those results, the writing coach makes specific recommendations regarding the optimal learning track(s) for your skills improvement.
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Kim has spent more than two decades working in media and education. She is the education director for Public Broadcasting of Northwest Pennsylvania, an online writing coach for homeschooled students, and a...

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So that our writing coaches may serve as many people as possible, we limit individual services (appointments or Online Writing Coach sessions) for undergraduates to a maximum of one per day or two per week (whichever comes first). Graduate students, faculty, and staff are limited to one individual visit or Online Writing Coach session per week.

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Kim has spent more than two decades working in media and education. She is the education director for Public Broadcasting of Northwest Pennsylvania, an online writing coach for homeschooled students, and a...