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The online Technical Writing Certificate
of Completion introduces students to the many aspects of contemporary technical writing practices and helps them develop the skills and confidence to communicate complex technical concepts simply and effectively. Students can take individual courses or the entire series.

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There are 60 online schools in the US offering over 164 accredited online technical writing programs. There are approximately 487,579 students enrolled in these accredited online technical writing schools. These online technical writing colleges admit students into online technical writing courses at a rate of 71 out of every 100 applicants.

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Accredited online technical writing schools offer a variety of online technical writing programs for students to select from. They offer 27 online technical writing certificate programs, 4 online technical writing associate's degree programs and 131 online technical writing bachelor's degree programs. Also, there is 2 online technical writing master's degree programs.

These schools offer online technical writing classes at the following levels:
Virgule Manicule Interrobang. Online Technical Writing: User Guides. A user guide is essentially a book-length document containing instructions on installing, using, or troubleshooting a hardware or software product. After graduation, online technical writing college graduates can choose from careers such as a technical writer. Technical writing degree and certificate holders can expect to earn a yearly salary anywhere from $21,910 to $164,410, depending on factors such as seniority, the specific employer, or large or small employer. Technical writers earn an average yearly salary of $60,086. Approximately 44% of the 487,579 students enrolled in online technical writing classes, graduate in a timely fashion. The remaining either drop out or take longer than normal to complete their online technical writing degree or certificate. We are Silicon Valley’s only Technical Writing and Communication program offering a full certificate curriculum online. Our program is designed and delivered by fellows of the prestigious Society for Technical Communication and internationally recognized subject-matter experts. Courses are structured into five categories, each catering to a different need and expertise within the professional community:
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Truth is, online technical writing jobs are opportunities, those must-take chances in life you hop on and cash in. Start with writing technical documents and see where you stand in terms of expressing yourself in black and white. Are you good at it? Move to more financially rewarding business as copywriting, ghostwriting and search engine optimization.

Engineering companies also hire people who have completed online technical writing courses.

Online Technical Writing: User Guides

Online technical writing degree programs will help you to learn how to explain technical details in a manner that is understandable and easy to read. If you aspire to write for a particular field such as the automotive industry, you will need to take specific classes to prepare.

Students enrolled in the OnlineTechnical Writing are encouraged to take the  on this chapter. (Anybody elseis welcome to try it as well.)

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Certification, as well as online technical writing courses, is available from the Society for Technical Communication for technical writers with professional experience. According to the STC, certification shows the holder has experience in information design, process management, production, development and analysis.