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Having a searchable Online CV allows you to become the Key Person of Influence in your niche or market. Key People of Influence always get the best jobs, the best contracts and the best remuneration packages because they are perceived to be the best people for the job.

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Many people are now seeking the services of a professional online CV Builder to create their CV online quickly and easily. Job seekers use CV Builder software because it does much of the hard work for you.

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As a business owner, you are losing business by not having a searchable CV online. Your Online CV should complement your business website and draw more customers to your company and its products and services. Potential clients are also searching for you online and verifying your credentials prior to awarding you that all important contract. An Online CV can help you and/or your business get headhunted by potential employers and businesses.

Simply enter in your information and our free online CV builder format it to your chosen design.
is the easiest way to make CV online. With our tool your can make CV and save in PDF format. You need to answer few questions about your education and previous business history, skills and in a few clicks you will have fancy CV in Adobe Acrobat pdf format, ready for sending via E-mail. Our application is made with a great attention on usability, so you will be able to make your online cv in a just few clicks in easy to follow process. If you can afford five minutes to make a perffectly tailored CV, than you can count on huge impact that it will make on employer when it comes to reviewing it. Give yourself a chance to get a better job, with a just few clicks with Online CV generator.Your Professional Online CV can also show videos and photos. We all know how important presentation is – your video will allow employers to see how you present yourself.You’re reading this page for a reason. Perhaps you’re sick of the mundane jobs that you keep attracting and want to be recognised for the skill sets and benefits that you can provide any organisation. Or maybe you’re looking for a change in careers. Whatever your reason, My Online CV can help you market yourself effectively so that your ideal job or contract finds you rather than you having to spend hours, days, months and in some cases even years to find your ideal job.Please click the link at the bottom of this page to order your professional Online CV. Please note that you will be receiving a professionally designed website that will be yours for life. Once your website has been designed and has gone live, you will receive 2 free changes a year to account for a change of job or additional responsibilities that you may want to add.We are currently offering Your Professional Online CV for £397 plus a small management and maintenance charge of £10 per month. We are currently offering students a 20% reduction on these prices. We are only able to offer this price to a maximum of 100 people. Once we have achieved this limit, the price will return to £997.The online CV creator. With your own personal web page and its unique URL, the allows you to enhance an existing CV template by showcasing all your skills, talent and experience with articles, video and pictures
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Even if you’re not currently looking for a job or business contract, it is vitally important to have an Online CV. You need to do this today because we all know that jobs are no longer for life and the economy can largely dictate your future with any one employer. If you are an employee, My Online CV can also help you get more business and clients for your employer – this can certainly help you get that raise or promotion that you’ve been looking for. As a Business Owner, My Online CV can help you get that all important contract.

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By registering with JobZoo you gain access to the free online CV builder where you can create a stunning digital or traditional CV using our online CV templates.

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Let’s face it, it’s a tough market out there. And to get recognised today, you need to do something that your competitors are not doing. Currently less than 1% of people have an Online CV. However, this number is set to grow as people begin to understand the power of the internet.