So, here are some of my more interesting online assignments by class:

The point of all of these online assignments is to get online students thinking in ways that they do not often think when preparing other assignments. I want online students to see that what they think and what they do can have implications in the world outside the classroom. In order to really see that, they need to get out of the classroom. With online courses this is easier than ever since they are already out of the classroom!

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Now that you have some ideas about possible assignments and have reviewed the decision­making criteria, you should answer the following questions to consider how to integrate your online assignment into your course.

Do you have any unique engaging online assignments you use? I would love to hear about them. I'm always looking for new ideas!
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The nature of this course lends itself to applying ethical theories in real world settings and many of the online assignments focus on that. But, here are a few more interesting ones that I think get online students thinking in new ways:

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