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My personal essay is versatile, however, and with some adjustments, I can use it for every application, including the University of Pennsylvania's ("You have just finished your 300-page autobiography. Send us page 217.") and Stanford's ("Send us a photograph and explain its significance.").

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"The Answer That Increasingly Appeals" by Robin Black (published in Colorado Review) -- an example of experimental form of essay writing. It uses a "section heading / explanation" format to weave a story. Its link doesn't go to the right place but here it is: In this case it uses a journal entry with dates/times as the section heading. I experimented with a similar format in my personal essay, "Way of Foot and Fist" here:

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According to Common App I’m allowed to make three revisions to my personal essay, and I’m fortunately applying to only three colleges. So would I want to submit the first one then revise to submit following ones?

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