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My first experience with dissertation editing was with another company who promised to get my dissertation done in 1 month. They asked me to pay upfront and as I was desperate for help, I wired them the money via Western Union. They first edit of my document was promised in 4 days, One week later, I was still waiting, they maintained communication with me via email, eventually, their telephone number was not working anymore. The next thing I knew, the email address was not working anymore, when I sent an email it was returned to back to me. I went online looking for them and their new contact information but they seem to have disappeared. I panicked and called The Dissertation Coach. In search of answers, I spoke to Dr. Alison Miller and explained my unfortunate experience with the other company. She explained how her business operates in an open, straightforward manner. Given my prior experience, it took me some time to have faith and work with her company. I decided to give her company a try. Thank God I did.

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I have to admit that in the beginning, I was very skeptical and nervous about hiring a dissertation consultant. I had heard and read some terrifying stories about some of the other consulting companies, however, when I got in touch with Dr. Miller she put all my anxiety to rest in a very supportive and gentle manner. Working with my consultant has been such a wonderful experience that I don’t even have the words to describe it. Her attention to detail and level of care was extraordinary. At times, she could even sense my anxiety over the email and was able to calm me down and help me progress even further. She was able to explain statistics to me in a way that I have finally been able to understand it. Learning statistics in undergrad and grad school was dreadful for me, but she has actually made it exciting which is quite an accomplishment. She walked me through understanding SPSS and helped me understand the results of my analysis. What has impressed me the most is that it really feels that this work isn’t just a business, but it is evident that they both actually care about students’ success. I couldn’t be happier with their services. Soon, I will be defending my doctoral dissertation and I couldn’t have done it without their support.

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Having worked on my dissertation for a number of years now, I was eager to move forward with my goals. Valentina Kloosterman, PhD was assigned to me. I wasn’t sure what to expect even though I worked with an editor in the past. The experience with Valentina was more about helping me bring my content to life than just editing it by itself. I knew that I had a lot of good data and an opportunity to benefit the research field. However, I just couldn’t articulate my thoughts in a scholarly manner or in a way that would be worthy of publication. Valentina was able to help me improve my work a great deal. She provided suggestions that didn’t change what I was trying to say but instead, helped me improve my writing and delivery without doing the writing for me. I am so grateful for the time and effort she put into assisting me. It was worth every penny. I look forward to celebrating as I am now at the final stage of oral examination. I was impressed that it was the owner, Alison Miller, PhD who contacted me directly after I contacted her company. She took extra care to match me to Valentina. This is a good company with good intentions and well worth the investment, so don’t think twice!

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Dissertation editing is always an intricate task and my dissertation was more than 20,000 words,

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I feel that using The Dissertation Coach was one of the best decisions I made while completing my dissertation. I worked directly with Christopher Bradley, PhD. He was amazing, professional, and knowledgeable. I needed assistance with the statistical analysis portion of my dissertation. His expertise made me feel comfortable and made such a difference in me finally finishing in a timely manner. Thank you Christopher and The Dissertation Coach for the support and guidance that you provided.

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2. ProQuest asks if my dissertation is already or previously copyrighted. What does that mean? Do I answer yes or no? Sometimes, on rare occasions, a graduate degree is awarded based on a document that has already been published (and copyrighted) before it is deposited as an official dissertation. If that is the case, answer "yes." Otherwise (and normally), the answer should be "no."

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"I needed someone to write my dissertation because of all these long hours I have to work just to help pay for education. I wasn't sure what I would do because I had heard that help to write my dissertation, for money, could get me kicked out of university. I talked to your admin, and your privacy and confidentiality finally convinced me to try it. Instead of going weeks without sleep, I turned in a professional looking dissertation that completed my Master`s degree and got my promotion! No more overtime. It's nice, thank you!" - Chloe Z.