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Storage Bucket began as a class project at a local NYC university. What started as a mock business plan, soon went on to win first place in a business plan competition, which ultimately gave Storage Bucket capital to test the model and business. Storage Bucket has thrived over the past few years serving thousands of college students.

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A good mock business plan should be complete, even if it can't be specific

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Do you need a mock business plan, or are you looking for a skeleton example of what your business plan should include to get the attention it deserves at the bank or in front of investors? There's no true "right" or "wrong" answer when it comes to your plan, but there are some ingredients that the document must include to be taken seriously. You need to have done some serious demographic research and you have to provide a complete financial pro forma in order for a potential backer to really look at your business model. You should have an idea of the competition you will be up against, the marketing methods you could use, and the history of the industry itself. To that end, make sure that your business plan has someth8ing intelligent to say about each of the following common planning topics:3. Establish a good business plan. This goes hand in hand with doing your research. Most graduates will probably leave with a mock business plan from a business course they took in school. Don’t rely on that.If you have found it difficult to find the wealth of information you need about mock business plans for starting your own salon, then breath a sigh of relief because you have arrived at a web site that contains an abundance of mock business plans for starting your own salon information.Andrea Polk: Solo Noir was inspired by the lack of representation in the male grooming market. The ethnic grooming market is underserved and major market companies do not feel that ethnic grooming is a profitable market. My vision started in college when I was given the task of creating a mock business plan… While doing research for my project I realized that I had a passion for the male grooming industry.
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In the summer of 2010, Trevor Squier and Henry Hu traveled to Shanghai for an MBA program through Boston University. The two spent four months developing a mock business plan to bring customized T-shirts to China’s highly competitive market based on the popular design-to-order U.S. company Threadless.

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On par with most privately held companies, Michael Lefenfeld is offering a combination of cash compensation and options while touting his company's potential. But he's also checking references and giving CEO candidates a mock business plan to evaluate during the interview process. "It's sort of a homework problem," he says. "[It gives me] a sense of how they see SiGNa growing."

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3. Sample Business Plan is designed to illustrate how the Business Plan Guideline works by providing a mock business plan developed using the model provided in the Business Plan Guideline.