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In the past, people with mental health problems were doomed to isolation and contempt of other, “normal” people (Cameron, D. and Fraser, 2001, p.24). Often, people with mental health problems were subjects to discrimination and humiliation from the part of other people, who did not have such problems. In this regard, the state did not pay much attention to problems of people with mental health illnesses and mental health policy was poorly developed. Often, it was family members who took care of people with mental health problems, while health care professionals did not have possibility or desire to treat such people because mental health problems were viewed as problems that could not be treated.

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Unfortunately, the mentally ill do not always get treated in the best way and often end up in a prison and mental institution for majority of their lives. ... However, determining who needs what treatment should be done by a licensed mental health professional. This would mean the prisons had to have a licensed mental health professional on staff and that is something that many prisons are lacking. ... Socially, people are afraid of individuals with mental health illnesses so they are completely comfortable with them being in prison because they are not bothering them that way. ... We need men...

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Nevertheless, policy makers could not ignore the problem of people with mental health problems since many people with mental illnesses were believed to be dangerous. Moreover, policy makers and society at large did not want to focus on the problem of people with mental health illnesses. Instead, health care system and policy makers simply preferred to move people with mental health problems to asylums, where they could not “disturb the public” (Tremain, 2001, p.74). The latter means that they were isolated to asylums where they could be treated, but the psychiatric treatment with the use of new methods, including both medication and psychological help, were developed and these methods opened new opportunities for the treatment of people with mental health problems. Eventually, it became obvious that they can be treated and lead a normal life, at least the majority of those who were traditionally kept in asylums. As a result, by the late 20th century, people with mental health problems had started to get a different treatment as their isolation was viewed as a problem rather than a treatment and new approaches and policies were developed.

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