Basically, medical school essays need to integrate two themes:

Again, I want to iterate that your personal statement should be a story that highlights your attributes and interesting personal stories. Most of the successful medical school essays I have read over the past few years focus on one or two experiences, rather than four or five different activities.

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Here is what a lot of medical school essays look like:

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This is an exaggeration, but many medical school admission essays look the same.
Sometimes the hardest subject to write about is yourself. AdmissionEssays can help you take your unique personal experiences and use them to create a compelling, intriguing medical school application essay that will help you to stand out from the competition. Below are several sample to give you a sense of the type of powerful writing that is required to make your application get noticed.Writing the medical school application essay, condensing all that is unique about yourself into a single page, allowing your personality to show through every word, demonstrating in a small space all the motivation, eagerness, and joy you will bring to the medical profession—this work creates an anxiety that builds with every rewrite. Although this task will never be simple, it need not be an unguided, unstructured labor. Having worked with many pre-med students to find their voice amid a welter of words, I have developed a set of common errors. To add a touch of humor, I have created a set of medical writing problems and indicated possible cures for these mythical maladies.WRITING THE MEDICAL SCHOOL APPLICATION ESSAY: PROBLEMS AND CURES
Sandra Nagy
Reprinted with Permission from the Summer 1997 issue of , pp. 30-33.Medical school essays should start with a captivating beginning that leads in to an engaging theme. Remember to let your individuality flow through your pen. Your Medical school essays should leave the admissions committee feeling like they have met someone really special who can be an ideal candidate for admission.
Here are the main rules you want to follow when writing a medical school essay and really any personal writing:

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Photo courtesy of Below are some rules to follow to make your medical school admission essay stand out.

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To conclude, keep your medical school essays short and to the point, avoid repeating words that can end up sounding monotonous, stay focused and pick on an effective central theme. Lastly make sure that you review your medical school essays and ask your friends for some constructive criticism before handing it in. Best of luck!

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Medical school secondary essays can be incredibly overwhelming. After receiving your application, many medical schools send a secondary application, known as a “secondary,” often involving one to ten supplemental essays. If you have applied to 30 schools, you may be writing over a hundred secondary essays! TMDSAS and AACOMAS also involve secondary essays, often called "optional" essays, as part of the initial application.