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Below is a professionally written medical personal statement sample. You are advised not to copy it word for word, but to instead use it as a guide.

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One of the principle issues when composing is that candidates neglect to examine themselves and their targets. Entrance advisory board individuals are searching for fascinating, astute, uncovering, and non-bland articles that propose you have effectively experienced a procedure of watchful reflection and self-examination. Councils are searching for something particular and investigative. This implies sharing details you hardly ever contribute with others and surveying your life more basically than common. This methodology is vital to a fruitful medical personal statement.

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Medicine Personal Statement The human body is an intricate organism having several systems and mechanisms working together in remarkable harmony. Thus, a mere thought of becoming an engineer of the most enigmatic, yet captivating machine of the whole universe: the human body; stimulates my innate curiosity to jump into the ever-evolving field that is medicine...

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Focus refers to the main point of your statement. Sometimes it is called a theme. Most of what you say in your statement will contribute to supporting your focus. In the very broadest sense, the focus of all medical school personal statements is "Why I Should Be Accepted to Medical School,". However, you need to choose something a little more subtle and personal to make a positive impression. Your focus should entail a value or an observation that has shaped you as a person. Most of the time a focus is an abstract quality: the desire to help others, the importance of individual contribution, the drive to unite science and compassion.After Dr. Shallit has completed his review of your personal statement he will assess not only the creative writing but, the grammar and structure of your thought processes. It is important that your medical school personal statement not only display commitment to the medical field but, it as is important that your personal statement convey passion to become a doctor.The problem is that when students apply to medical school, personal statement writing is not the first thing on their mind. In fact, having to appeal to the school’s admissions board can make students nervous – so nervous that their medical school professional personal statement most likely contains errors and errors are the last thing you want the admissions board to see. Why? Errors mean lack of attention to detail – and attention to detail is one of the most important qualities a doctor must have. For these reasons and more, students are beginning to ask for help with writing and proofing their medical school personal statements.The medical school personal statement is your best chance to sell yourself to the . If they're reading your personal statement it means you've probably cleared the initial numbers screen. That means your and GPA are competitive -- or perhaps there is something about your application that made them ignore the numbers.
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Writing your personal statement is a daunting but important task so it is natural to want to see medical school personal statement examples before you start writing your own essay. However looking at an example of a medical school personal statement that worked is not necessarily the best way to brainstorm for your own essay writing. Medical school personal statements are inherently personal and a good example will simply serve to show you how you cannot write a generic essay or use someone else’s ideas for inspiration. The medical school admissions committee needs to hear about you and your experiences. This is the spot on the AMCAS and AACOMAS where you get to showcase your individuality. Instead of looking for medical school personal statement samples you might want to look at broad categories of personal statements that work, to help give you a structure for what should be a very personal document.

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A personal statement is an important component of a medical school application, providing information about the candidate designed to illustrate why the candidate would be a good fit for a given program. The goal of the statement should be to make the candidate stand out from a pool of other applicants, and to intrigue the admissions committee enough for them to request an interview. Strategies for medical school personal statements should revolve around keeping the statement clear, concise, engaging, and interesting.

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These themes are by far not the only examples of medical school personal statements that work. There are many ways to write this essay. The key is to have a theme, write from the heart and remember to answer the question. If your reader walks away wondering why you want to be a physician you have failed.