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ClassWide Peer Tutoring (CWPT; Greenwood, Delquadri, & Carta,1988) is one of the most widely researched and implemented peer tutoringmodels. CWPT has been found to enhance the mathematics, reading, andspelling skills of students of all achievement levels (see for review,Greenwood et al., 2002). This form of peer tutoring includes thefollowing steps: (a) dividing the class into two teams; (b) within eachteam, classmates form tutoring pairs; (c) students take turns tutoringeach other; (d) tutors are provided with academic scripts (e.g., mathproblems with answers); (e) praise and points are contingent on correctanswers; (f) errors are corrected immediately with an opportunity forpracticing the correct answer; (g) teacher monitors tutoring pairs andprovides bonus points for pairs that are following prescribedprocedures; and (h) points are tallied by each individual student at theconclusion of each session. Tutoring sessions typically last 20 minuteswith an additional 5 minutes for charting progress and putting materialsaway.

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Student 2 has a sheet of math problems with the answers.

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Better late than never! There are already of excellent online (many more complete in terms of problems) but this is yet another one. If you’re new here, one thing I try to do is include all the files you need to follow along. So if you didn’t actually play in csaw, this is where my writeup might be worthwhile. These are the odd math problems with answers in the back of the text box :)

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"It'll be less math problems with answers that everybody knows, and more discussion about things that have answers that nobody knows," she said.

Grade 6 word math problems with answers are presented.
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