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Ziel dieser Master Thesis war es, einen QoS/QoE Monitoring Sensor (Messkopf) auf Basis eines Android SmartPhone innerhalb der SmartVideo Architektur zu entwickeln. Der Sensor soll spezifische Parameter aufnehmen und eine erste Abschätzung der Qualität des Videos vornehmen. Es werden verschiedene Messverfahren evaluiert und die Android Architektur dabei untersucht, um ein
geeignetes Konzept für eine Implementierung zu finden.


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Validation: The validation of the Master Thesis will bear 30 credits.

A masters thesis in the Human Development field must be an empirical research study, written in the style of a journal article. (Usually APA style.) An empirical research study may be: a laboratory experimental study; an original survey, interview, questionnaire, or focus group study; or an analysis of existing data. Some students use existing data for their masters theses, and others collect original data. The structure and methods used for the masters thesis are developed in partnership with the Special Committee. Generally, a masters thesis may not consist ONLY of a literature review, although a formal meta-analysis that includes statistical computation is considered empirical research in the fields of psychology and human development. In HD to date, however, no masters thesis has been conducted which is a formal meta-analysis.

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Writing a master’s thesis might seem a daunting task because of the scale of work and the amount of research that has to be done. When you take another look at it and try to break the writing process into smaller assignments, it won’t appear intimidating any more. To better organize the process and facilitate better understanding of the goals and tasks of master thesis writing, let’s take a closer look at the steps one has to take while working on the project.

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Das Thema meiner Master Thesis war Evaluation eines IPTV Monitoringsystems auf Basis von Android

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Fieldwork: When required, field research may be undertaken within the third semester;
Exemptions: Students producing a Master Thesis may receive exemptions from:

Master Thesis - Evaluation eines IPTV Monitoringsystems auf Basis von Android


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If you want to make a Master thesis within the department of Agricultural Economics, follow these steps:

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The key component in earning a masters degree is submitting a masters thesis (or dissertation). Obviously, the thesis consists of a documentation of your research, a critical analysis of your findings, and the conclusions you draw. That's simple enough, but of course the precise structure, format and style of the thesis will vary, depending on the subject matter and the requirements of the assessing body. A thesis in literature for a Master of Arts degree will be quite different than a thesis in psychology or economics submitted for a Master of Science degree.