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This How To article walks you through the process of managinga team project from the first steps of creating and configuring a new projectand then through the steps required to monitor the progress of an ongoingproject.

How to Manage a Project From Start to Finish

Managing a project team can be fun and rewarding, involving many aspects:

9 Keys to Effectively Managing Software Projects

One side effect of having priorities is how often you have to say no. It's one of the smallest words in the English language, yet many people have trouble saying it. The problem is that if you can't say no, you can't have priorities. The universe is a large place, but your priority 1 list should be very small. Therefore, most of what people in the world (or on your team) might think are great ideas will end up not matching the goals of the project. It doesn't mean their ideas are bad; it just means their ideas won't contribute to this particular project. So, a fundamental law of the PM universe is this: if you can't say no, you can't manage a project.

and manage a project if it does not have a developed project plan

Assembling a good team is important in any phase of business, but it is especially important when managing a project to make sure that the work can get done on time and on budget. The process of acquiring a project team takes place within the and is concerned with confirming human resource availability and obtaining the personnel needed to complete project assignments.

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Simple Project Management deepens the conversations with between the Manager and the Project Manager. Less time is spend on the superficial; more is spend on the important. Rather than the focus being on follow up ("Did you follow the procedure?" "Did you fill out the forms or templates?"), the focus shifts to ways to increase effectiveness.When you manage a new project to streamline an organisation's website or to develop a new website, you must gather input from many people inside the organisation.Yeah its a
good article. According to you what we project managers do is communicating.
And a lot of this communication is done during project meetings. It can
sometimes feel like you are running from one meeting to another and that your
time is often wasted. Meetings don’t start on time, the issues aren’t dealt
with, there is no agenda, there is no focus, nobody assigns any follow ups or
tasks and of course then they also don’t end on time. An efficient project manager is required for the good management of a project. I think a project manager should
PMP certified. Looking forwards to apply what I learned in in
my company.When managing a project, you have to keep people committed to it until the end. Although some people commit to completing an assignment because someone tells them to do so, you get a much more serious
All projects have risks. The key to managing a project is not to avoid risks, but to understand them.

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If you choose to manage a project, it's pretty safe. As the manager, you report. You report on what's happening, you chronicle the results, you are the middleman.

The fourth step in successfully managing a construction project is managing change events, ..

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Geared toward construction professionals and students, this book provides a step-by-step guide to successfully managing a project, including a list of things not to do to avoid costly mistakes. Written by a construction professional, readers will learn about planning the project, scheduling, people, materials, quality, safety, subcontractors, contracts, finance and more.

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There are many software options available to assist in the management of a project or program of work. A key point in making a selection is ease of use—some programs are designed to handle very complex situations while others are more straightforward and user-friendly. Keeping in mind the end-user and information required to be generated will help in selecting a system that is scaled appropriately for the project at hand. Generally, all will require a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) to be created within the system, breaking down the entire project or program into manageable pieces. The WBS can be customized to suit the agency's needs, and should be consistent across budgeting, scheduling and construction management.