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Try multiplying two 3 or 4 digit numbers in your head (or whatever long math problem is solvable but takes a lot of concentration). Don’t stop till working it you get it.

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11. We need help with the details sometimes. You know the feeling of going through a long math problem, and getting the entire thing wrong because you added something instead of subtracting it early on? That's kind of how it is with every aspect of our lives. Staying detail-oriented with ADHD is extremely difficult, and we may need an extra pair of eyes from time to time to make sure everything's good.

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It’s like trying to solve a really, really, really long math problem with way too many variables. Even after you simplify the math by assuming the particle is in some idealized, orderly setting outside a massive proton collider, you still have to slog through the mess of numbers with a supercomputer. Physicists give this quarky math problem a shiny name: quantum chromodynamics. More snappily known as QCD, that math can only predict quark-related behavior to 80 percent accuracy at best. The theory isn’t wrong; it’s just really difficult to use to make experimental predictions.

According to Saturno, the writing looks like someone's attempt to sort out a very long math problem, as if on a blackboard.
contains a single-digit number or a symbol of addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division. One by one, students come to the hot seat to show their number or symbol, creating a super-long math problem that students must solve.
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To make a long math problem short, using the CUFLA’s next tiebreaker formula (goals-for over goals-for + goals against), McGill finished a measly decimal point better (0.64 to 0.63) than their rivals from Lennoxville, who had to take a longer path to the national championship.

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It's a simple puzzle game, through and through. Simple idea. Simple design. Minimalist to the end. Sure, later levels can be brutal as all puzzle games can be. But the core mechanics never change. It's always just a matter of judging three-dimensional spacing, timing, and movement. Like how a really long math problem is just a math problem that takes too long to finish so you just use a calculator because you don't want to waste your precious ♥♥♥♥ing time like this game does.

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During my sophomore year in high school, I was fortunate to have taken an Algebra course with the most amazing teacher. It was during the time in her class that I realized I wanted to be a math major. First off, I love numbers. Each time I solve a problem, I receive so much fulfillment. There are not many people that I know who can sit down for an hour or two to try and figure out an obnoxiously long math problem. I enjoy algebra, but I also enjoy proofs. Proving why a theorem is true is extremely difficult but I love the challenge.