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This course partners with Duke faculty to assist them in implementing their research projects in the local Spanish-speaking community. As a service-learning course, students serve a minimum of 20 hours in tasks such as interpreters, survey takers, assisting in home visits, etc. as needed in the research study. Class session will explore topics related to the content of the research study such as education or health. In addition students will focus on research methods, cultural competency, and linguistic skills necessary to interact with the Latino/a community.

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Find out more about the distance learning courses we provide by clicking on the links below. Courses are only free to people who have lived in England for the past 3 yrs, are aged 19 years or over and are not currently accessing any other government funded training.

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Each survival kit reveals a 5-step mastery system for the study of a given subject. The insider's tips and tricks will provide the how-to guide to study smarter and short-cut your academic success at faster pace. These are not the generic study skill books. They are written by chemists, physicists and biologists. The survival kit and rapid learning course provide the perfect combination to boost your skills and performances in the surefire way.

Only registered and paid attendees are permitted to attend CALS Community Learning courses. No one under the age of 18 is permitted.
Are you interested in going back to school but live miles away from your ideal university? Are you a busy working professional with time constraints? Then using distance learning courses to earn your degree may be the answer!Allowing students to revive a quality education through an online format, distance learning courses can be a convenient and flexible option for those who wish to continue their education but are limited by geography or schedule.Enrolling in a distance learning course may simply involve filling out a registration form, making sure that you have access to the equipment needed, and paying the tuition and fees by check, money order or credit card. In these cases, your applications may be accepted without entrance examinations or proof of prior educational experience.These are just a few things to consider when building courses. The key takeaway is that learning is complex and because you build an elearning course doesn’t mean that learning happens. It involves an intentional act on your part and a commitment from the learner to apply what is learned. The better you design the information, the more likely the learner is to commit to using it.While we invest a lot of energy in building our elearning courses, those who take them aren’t as vested. To them, the course only represents one part of a larger process. How a person learns and builds understanding involves more than just taking a 30 minute elearning course. Course attendees are not permitted to promote services or products, or utilize CALS Community Learning Courses as a means to solicit new customers/contacts to be used for business purposes. Attendees may not distribute business cards to attendees, CALS staff, or Community Learning Instructors. Questions may be directed to the Program Director, Kristen Cooke, by .
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As an instructional designer, you want to focus on meaning. How is the information important to the learner? In what context? Considering that the elearning course is only one part of the learning process, what other ways can you support that learning happens? Is there a way to leverage the learner’s already existing learning ecosystem?

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Since 1998, we have been offering distance learning courses, covering all aspects of intellectual property (IP), to both professionals and those new to the field.

All participants must be 18 years of age or older. No one under the age of 18 will be permitted in a CALS Community Learning Course.

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is now a viable alternative to a traditional degree. Distance learning courses expand the reach of the classroom by using various technologies to deliver university resources to off-campus sites, transmit college courses into the workplace, and enable you to view class lectures in the comfort of your home.