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Found lot of good stuff for kids school projects, they have amazing good collection of books also, very specific to school projects, I would suggest to look at their website before going and call them if you are looking for specific item to avoid trip.

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We have an excellent reputation in the entertainment industry offering extensive one on one service taking as much time as necessary to fulfill every want or dream. Our local home owners know us for providing quick inexpensive lamp repairs, lighting advice, and even help with their kids school projects. We also like to give back to our community by supporting our local schools and religious institutions.

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It would be great for the kids school projects.
Naturally a large proportion of parents will be aware of their kids school projects and try to understand and help where they can

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Kids school projects.

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Location:Philadelphia, pa. Great Storage for School Projects. Date:March 12, 2012. Pros: generous size. These are so great to save all my kids school projects.

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