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My intuition is that, given that extremely cheap interventions such as mosquito nets and deworming can significantly improve quality of life for a large number of strangers, putting lots of resources put into freezing a smaller number of strangers in hopes of radically extending their lifespan is not effective altruism and would likely not satisfy my preferences as much as other forms of altruism to strangers. This is an introspective essay which explores the basis of this intuition, and where it might be distorted by biases. I hope that other readers who may share my intuitions will find my thoughts beneficial in their own introspections.

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And there are more reflective students like Ghasson (Jason) Sawath from Syria, who says that English is difficult, but who impressed Rooney with an introspective essay--in English--on looking out of a bus window at his childhood friends one last time as he left Syria to come to America.

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Ana Perez begins her essay with the words, "Photography has made me a leader" and then proceeds to describe her journey from being an insecure freshman to a self-confident senior with a clear vision of her future. According to her teachers, Ana has become a skilled writer in addition to becoming a talented photographer. Adriana Chavira, her journalism teacher and yearbook adviser writes, "Ana has borrowed one of the DSLR cameras we have at school (to participate in a summer program at the University of Reno, Nevada) because she does not have her own camera." Another of Ana's teachers, James Morrison, writes glowingly of her love of learning and her participation in rigorous high school honors classes while making time to play lacrosse and run on the track and field team. Ana has won awards and scholarships for her photographs, and reveals, in a well-written introspective essay, her personal challenge in the field of sports photography. Winning a camera for a body of work, which included two action sports photos, must be satisfaction indeed.

Wednesday: An introspective essay that will set the record for longest and boringest post of all time.
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This introspective essay was inspired by a desire to reflect on the use of qualitative research methods--where I am a Caucasian woman examining work experiences of women of color. I launched a journey backward to discover respondents' motivation for participating in my focus groups over the years, to closely examine their comfort level with a cross-ethnic dyad. The exercise enabled me to reflect on how I had negotiated power issues inherent in the research process. It contributes to the ongoing dialogue about autoethnography--where understanding of self in socio-cultural context is both the subject and object of the research enterprise. Overall, I interrogate epistemological and methodological practicalities of researching difference.

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The course will exemplify how prescriptions ofautobiographical narrative are overstepped in a range of milieux and narrativevoices that problematise the author’s self-identity through the negotiation ofdifferent identities: character roles, relationships to family members andnational identity. Autobiographical theory has tended to draw on a limitedrange of texts or a predominant national tradition; but in practice, a widerrange of narrative bears the hallmarks of autobiographical traditions of the literaryself-portrait, the introspective essay and the memoir while challengingtheoretical constraints of autobiographical content and form.

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You also learn information in groups. Information can be grouped together either by the environment in which you learned or encountered the information. This is why smells and sounds, like songs, can bring up many other memories. It is then not surprising, that when college students ate dark chocolate in a research study, and then during or shortly before an exam, they were able to recall more information. Taste is mostly olfactory in nature; which means taste is mostly constituted of smell. The researchers also theorized that the caffeine in dark chocolate might have also played a part, but the results were not conclusive. In addition, because we learn information in groups, it can be far easier to remember associations between words, rather than simply the individual words or terms themselves. When studying vocabulary, try to connect meanings and sounds to each other in a story or sentence. When studying history, try not to memorize random dates but connect the important events in a story. This will also, of course, give you a deeper understanding of the meaning of events and no doubt help you write more introspective essays. In science, try not to remember individual terms but how they connect to one another in a process or function.