Information Technology Project Management, Sixth Edition

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This book serves as a good basic introduction to project management, but the reader seeking a publication with more depth would need to consult additional publications. Further information on project management in libraries can be found on the EDUCAUSE (a nonprofit association advancing higher education through the use of information technology) Website, under project management []. In addition, the Office of Leadership and Management Services (OMLS) of the Association of Research Libraries conducts an institute on project management [].

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Information Technology Project Management

With today's smaller budgets and tighter deadlines, project managers who can deliver the desired results on time and on budget are a valuable business resource. Capella University's online Bachelor's in Information Technology Project Management degree prepares you to lead and manage complex IT projects.

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People in IT sector work under immense pressure. Large projects, scarce resources, tight deadlines, quick deliverables, and high client expectations are typical for an IT company. Any project delays can be extremely costly. Microsoft Project Server 2010 is an information technology project management tool that really works. Microsoft Project Server 2010 offers innovative collaboration, communication, and business intelligence capabilities for effective management of entire project lifecycle within budget and deadline.

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