How much interest do I have in my dissertation topic?

I thought I’d drop you a note to tell you how much I appreciate the services offered by the Dissertation Coach. For years, I struggled with writing my dissertation. Despite my best efforts, I just could not take it past infancy. In frustration, I signed up with the Dissertation Coach last December. Since then, my progress has been phenomenal! I am happy to say that the dissertation is now a toddler and I continues to progress. I could not have done this without the Dissertation Coach and the support of my fabulous editor and writing coach, Michal Lemberger!

10. Can I put links inside my dissertation, thesis or report?

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What guidelines do I need to follow for formatting my dissertation?

The previous semester before I started working with my dissertation coach I had been stuck in paralyzing writing anxiety and had only written 10 new pages that entire semester. I started working with Kathryn Peterson in December 2013. To say that I had a lot of pressure and anxiety was to put it mildly. I was able to use very little of my previously written work, so I was basically starting my dissertation from scratch. My university was going to kick me out of my program if I wasn’t graduated by May of 2015. Over the course of a year working with Kathryn I got engaged, got married, moved across the country, moved again, and bought a house. And I still was able to write a 250 page dissertation with Kathryn’s help and guidance! Kathryn was with me every step of the way. She was my “academic therapist” talking me though my writing anxiety and helping me break a huge project into bite sized pieces so that it was not so overwhelming. I was able to graduate on time with my Ph.D. degree! After my graduation I worked with Kathryn for a few more months and she helped me put together a headline speaker talk and gave advice and encouraged me on my job applications. I know that I will call Kathryn again if I ever get stuck in paralyzing writing anxiety and plan to work with her in the future on turning my dissertation into a publication. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Kathryn!

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I know with published works, I just get the copyright from the journal if needed, and can include the reprint as is in my dissertation, but how do I include a draft? The version of the draft as it stands now is essentially what is going to be submitted, verbatim. Which means if I defend first, the work is technically published in my dissertation. I defend in 3 weeks. I was going to submit right after. Is this doable? We're not even 100% certain which journal we are submitting to.

6. Do I still need to worry about margins in my electronic dissertation?
7. Can I use .html files in my electronic dissertation, thesis or report?

Handing in my Dissertation and stuff

After working on my dissertation for a year, I was hardly advancing. I started to feel very anxious and began contemplating quitting my PhD program. I had read “Finish Your Dissertation Once and For All,” but I hadn’t been able to put its principles into practice on my own. I felt completely demotivated, and without anyone I could trust to talk to about my work and my progress.

8. Can I use audio or movie files in my electronic dissertation, thesis or report?

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I’m wrapping up the second year of my PhD in history, and it’s been a big one. This year, I figured out what I'm writing my dissertation about. I finally identified how all of my research interests fit together and pinpointed the specific question I'm trying to answer. I persuaded my advisor that this project matters and makes sense. I assembled a committee. I tackled a mountain of reading in order to situate my project in the existing literature. I pored over dozens of archival databases and library finding aids and bibliographies to identify the relevant primary sources. I came up with a catchy working title. I developed a detailed chapter outline. I wrote a grant proposal. I drafted the prospectus. I drank a lot of coffee. I felt like I had accomplished something.

I am writing up my dissertation, and one of the chapters is a final draft of an as-yet unsubmitted journal article.

First 20 minutes of my dissertation defense

When I first contacted The Dissertation Coach I was stuck in the middle of writing my dissertation and had hit a significant road block. Discouraged and distraught I turned to Kathryn Peterson and she instituted a work plan that yielded immediate results. Thanks to her excellent coaching and encouragement I regained momentum and was able to successfully complete my dissertation and even did so with distinction.