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The family records of these two groups show a tendency to more deaths (of children) inthe homeworking families--177 as against 104--and a larger number of deaths from contagiousdisease, which might be interpreted as an indication that the homeworking child's power ofresistance is less than that of the non-homeworker.

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In conclusion, nontraditional students’ nutrition and physical activity behaviors are impacted by factors in and between home, work and school domains. Factors such as forming social support among friends, using vending machines, and altering interactions with home and workplace environments, offer a variety of potential intervention opportunities that may be effective to improve nutrition and physical activity behaviors that impact chronic disease prevention among the large and growing population of nontraditional students.

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The neighborhood chosen for study was in the upper East Side, where the featherindustry flourishes. In one block between Second and Third avenues there are eighteen factoriesor shops in which the older girls of the district work, and where the families living in the upperfloors and in adjacent houses secured their supplies for home work. In one house (above oneof these shops), occupied by fourteen families, we found twenty-eight children under twelveyears of age busily plying this trade. The streets and stoops are full of ostrich feather refuse,the stairways are littered and the air full of feather particles. The houses are filled withhomeworkers, regardless of license. During the summer 370 homes were visited in order to getthe history of one hundred families not engaged in home work and not one-half of these houseswere licensed.

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Gender determines the jobs in home work, and feminized jobs vary between cultures

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To show the effect of home work at close range, the Work and Wages Committee of theNew York Child Welfare Committee decided last May to make an intensive and comparativestudy of two groups of the same nationality, living under the same conditions, in new lawtenements, subject to the same educational and civic influences, differing only in occupation--one group doing home work and the other not doing it. Willowing ostrich feather, a typicalhomework trade, (in its busy season) was chosen for study.

driven by the decline in home work; in the United States, Norway, and the ..

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