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Welcome to the Wills section of FindLaw's Estate Planning Center, where you'll find resources covering how to prepare a will, how to amend or revoke an existing one, the benefits and limitations of wills, and more. Other topics include an overview of inheritance law, information about challenging a will, a discussion of living wills, and a list of important factors for married couples to consider.

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In the previous two chapters we discussed reasons why it would be prudent to prepare an estate plan. In this chapter, we will start with the nuts and bolts of how to prepare a will, the main building block in an effective estate plan.

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It is never an easy topic of discussion, but planning for what happens to your finances, property and possessions when you pass away is very important, no matter how small or large your Estate may be. Preparing a Will is a vital way of ensuring peace of mind for your relatives and friends and for ensuring that your Estate is distributed in accordance with your wishes after your death. Administering an Estate can be a difficult and stressful process. At Naomi Gardiner Solicitors we can assist and advise on how to prepare a Will and all aspects of the probate process. If a loved one dies with or without making a Will, Naomi Gardiner Solicitors can advise you on taking out a Grant of Probate/Applying for Letters of Administration to enable you to administer the deceased’s Estate. We can ensure that the deceased’s Estate is distributed according to law, that any liabilities you may have are minimised and assets are transferred and utilised in the most effective manner.

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At the hotel, Al-Attas gave the agents permission to search the room and Al-Attas’ belongings in the room. From the search of Al Attas’ belongings, the agents obtained telephone numbers, personal address books, credit card and bank records, and numerous personal documents. The agents found several sheets of paper written in Arabic, which Al-Attas identified as his will, and a pamphlet advising how to prepare a will. In addition, the agents found a partially completed application for a Pakistani visa, padded gloves, shin guards, binoculars, hiking boots, Power Point 2002 computer software, and a document indicating that Moussaoui intended to purchase a handheld Global Positioning System receiver and rent a camcorder.

In this chapter, we will start with the nuts and bolts of how to prepare a will, the main building block in an effective estate plan

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when we join forces with three of our Agency fundholders to host Will University, free workshops where you can learn how to prepare a will.

Any adult of sound mind is entitled to make a will