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If you don't know how to make a survey, don't reinvent the wheel. Use an existing survey. That way, your results gain authority ("I used a valid method"), you can compare your result to published results of others who used the same survey, and you save yourself work in general.

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How to Make a Survey Questionnaire

If you've been paying professional surveyors tomake simple surveys, guessing about boundaries, or have had trouble makingaccurate layouts, this valuable reference will save you time and money - andhelp avoid expensive mistakes. It explains all the surveying a constructioncontractor is likely to need: How land is divided, how to use a transit and tapeto find a known point, lay out an angle, curve, circle, perpendicular orparallel lines; how to draw an accurate survey map from your field notes; how touse topographic surveys; the right way to level and set grade; how to alignfoundations, walls and floors; how to find or check lot corners. It shows how tomake a survey for any residential or commercial lot, driveway, road, or bridge -including how to figure cuts and fills and calculate excavation quantities.

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Ifknowing how to make a simple survey will help in your construction work, you'rereading the right book. I'll cover all the practical surveying and layout you'relikely to need for any construction project. If you're concerned that your mathskills may not meet the challenge presented by the more complex survey problems,don't worry. I've simplified the trigonometry, geometry and mathematicsthroughout this volume. If you come to a symbol or calculation you don'tunderstand, a little study of the appendix should clarify the point. Appendix Bsummarizes all the geometry you need to know and Appendix C explains theessentials of trigonometry.

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