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Hi, my name is Kathie Bramm and I have been homeschooling for 20 years. I hope you have been able to watch some of my other videos on homeschooling. In this video, how does homeschooling work, I talk about how it works with your family.

Q: How does homeschooling work for students with “special needs”?

How does homeschooling work for students with “special needs”?

How does homeschooling work? What happens during a day?

Today's homeschooling experience is very different from that of the past. In fact, according to Education Week (), homeschooling is now considered "an integral part of the mainstream education system." Utilizing today's technology to deliver learning online, homeschooling parents can teach their children above and beyond the standards taught in public and private schools. In addition, research indicates that these online learning programs may even prove beneficial for children in traditional public school classrooms.

How does homeschooling work with online education?

In the past, homeschooling was the norm, especially in areas where there were no organized public schools. As cities and towns took hold, public schools were established so that all children could obtain equal educational opportunities. In 1993, homeschooling became legal in all 50 states.

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How does homeschooling work? Homeschooling is different for every family. At one end of the spectrum, there are families who take a child's curiosity and interest in a topic and in a relaxed way help the child explore the topic. Some families use a variety of resources outside their home including co-ops and on-line learning. There are also families who buy all of the books and follow the state curriculum just like a normal school would. The material is simply taught at home in a smaller setting. Each family is free to choose what works best for them. A review of our state's homeschool law at is helpful. It specifies how parents are qualified, what annual requirements the state has for homeschoolers, removing children from school, de-schooling, etc.

How does homeschooling work?
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