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If you learned anything in high school group projects, you learned that half (or less ) of the group does all the work and the other half hopes you don’t notice they’re not doing anything. PTAs and PTOs are sometimes like that, which means there’s a good chance if you care at all about actually making things better for your students, you may be on the team that does all of the work. Online event planners can help delegate tasks and manage everyone’s time so the work is spread out evenly.

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I understand what McCord means when she tells Planet Money that work is more fun when everyone is interested in the team’s success and amazing at their jobs. I have had the opportunity to work on these kinds of teams (hi, Mike and Ester!) and it does make work more fun — and it makes the team part of work more fun. (I’ve also worked on teams that were about as much fun as high school group projects.)

In high school group projects were a blast

In high school group projects were a blast. Unless your teacher decided to cruelly assign your group alphabetically, you got to work with your friends or your secret crush. You had fun making videos and together. If there were issues, your teachers were almost always sympathetic. They knew you personally, knew what a good (or maybe not so good) you were, and what type of students your group members were too. They were eager to help you work through any issues.

He is also involved in junior and high school group projects promoting science for students
I'm already having flashbacks to high school group projects gone awry

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I no longer really care if they were a slacker in high school or not, but then I also wouldn't be asking them about high school group projects).

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open-inquiry research projects that engage them in the process of ..