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Access to Harvard dissertations that are not available through ProQuest depends on the school of origin and its associated library. Check the to see where a thesis is housed.

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Question: Do Harvard dissertations circulate via interlibrary borrowing?

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4 See Emmet Robbins' essay, "Famous Orpheus," in Orpheus: The Metamorphosis of a Myth, ed. John Warden (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1982), pp. 3-23. See also Joan M. Erikson, Legacies: Prometheus, Orpheus, and Socrates (New York: Norton, 1993); William K. C. Guthrie, Orpheus and Greek Religion: A Study of the Orphic Movement, rev. ed. (New York: Norton, 1966; rpt. Princeton University Press, 1993); Elizabeth A. Newby, A Portrait of the Artist: the Legends of Orpheus and Their Use in Medieval and Renaissance Aesthetics, Harvard Dissertations in Comparative Literature (New York: Garland, 1987); The "Vulgate" Commentary on Ovid's Metamorphoses: The Creation Myth and the Story of Orpheus, ed. Frank T. Coulson (Toronto: Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies, 1991); Le Mythe d'Orphée aux Animaux et ses Prolongements dans le Judaisme, le Christianisme et l'Islam, ed. Andre Dupont-Sommer (Rome: Accademia nazionale dei lincei, 1975).

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The Isham Memorial Library holds copies of all Harvard dissertations prepared under the auspices of the Department of Music; originals are deposited at the Harvard University Archives. All Harvard dissertations in music completed in 1985 and later are available through . Requests for copies of earlier dissertations should be directed to the Harvard University Archives.

Harvard affiliates with IDs and PINs can access the full text of most Harvard PhD dissertations since 1990 from the database .
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Daniel N. Schowalter. Harvard Dissertations in Religion, 28. Minneapolis: Fortress Press,1993. Pp. xii + 164. $15.00.

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