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The academic interest in Rowling’s series, by the way, has not yet peaked out. MLA mentions 442 sources, with 57 entries for 2003 in comparison with just 7 for 2012 (obviously, not yet completed; there are 32 publications for 2011). Um, this quite surprises me, as I assumed that interest would be ebbing by now; then, of course, academic publishing moves slowly and the original child readers are now becoming young academics. I myself, not in that category at all, have not yet written my Harry Potter essay, started a few years ago and still waiting to be finished, quite daunted by the massive bibliography.

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Harry Potter Persuasive Essay - Term Papers - 627 Words

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This is a Harry Potter essay exchange community. It works the same as a fic or art exchange, you write something for someone else, they write something for you.

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Thank you Kate for submitting your Harry Potter essay about Hermione. We will include your essay in our collection of College Admission Essays. Best of luck to you in college.

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Harry Potter Persuasive Essay

Thank you Kate for submitting your Harry Potter essay about Hermione

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