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Students received a rubric created by course faculty members for the project. The rubric was detailed and served as a valuable tool for students to be successful in this assignment. A copy of the rubric is available from the authors. The group project was worth 200 points and comprised 36% of the course grade. Information regarding the content areas of the group project rubric and point distribution is located in Table .

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For the group project, you will work in small groups of 3-5 students to research a specific genocide case. Your group should find information on the history, legal proceedings and representations of your case and collaboratively present your findings during the last week of class. You will also engage with the presentations from the other groups in the class. Part of the group project is for you to evaluate your own presentation, the work of each of your team members and the presentation of one other group. More information on the specifics and due dates of each step, are detailed in HuskyCT. You can receive a maximum of 115 points for the group project. For further information on the criteria used to assess your project, see the Group Project Rubric linked in HuskyCT.

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