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If you wish to use your writing and research skills to help your community, grant writing classes can help you learn to craft proposals that will help non-profit organizations get the funding they need to achieve their objectives. While it's true that many grant writing skills are simply acquired through practice, taking an introductory course is a good way to get a solid foundation in what makes a successful. However, it's important to keep in mind that some will be more useful than others.

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Sorry, you missed Grant Writing Class at Church of the Atonement Lutheran Church.

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My suggestion is to call local grant writers at non profits...these folks have to do it all! Tell them what you shared here, ask their advice. Ask if you can learn by helping them as a volunteer. And, give them as much time as you can spare. They will have access to free grant writing classes. Wake County sometimes holds them at their offices off Poole Rd. I attended one a couple of years ago but found it was more entry level. They really are for folks who do not know how to approach research, and applying for grants. A big part of grants mgmt is the reporting back to the grantor. Some require quarterly reports. The work doesn't stop when the grant is received! A good grants manager does due dilligence to be sure the terms of the grant are being upheld.

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Customized Grant Writing Class-I am also available for 1/2 day, full day, or 2-day classes based on the individual needs of the clients. For example, a grant writing class for local governments would provide a different emphasis than a class for non-profits or small businesses. Contact me to discuss this. It is also possible that you would like a class on just one topic- i.e., writing the grant proposal, doing hands-on exercises, searching for grants, grants administration, etc.

Sorry, you missed Grant Writing Class at Church of the Atonement Lutheran Church.
Residents of Clarksville and surrounding areas are cordially invited to a ‘Grant Writing Class’ on October 27, from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon at the Greenhill Church, 311 Walker Street just off New Providence Blvd. The class will explore the basics of Grant Writing and how to begin looking for funding sources.Having a chance to get feedback on your proposal writing skills is another important component of useful grant writing classes. Even if you pride yourself on having strong writing skills, you may be making simple mistakes that undermine your chances of securing grant funding. For example, it's common for new grant writers to forget that the committee making the grant awards won't have any background knowledge of the organization's objectives. Our services include nonprofit consulting, resource development, grant writing, program evaluation, training, fundraising, media and public relations. We use our organizational skills, dedication to detail, and gift for tackling complex projects with tight deadlines to assist our clients in fulfilling their mission. As team members, GWS helps our clients grow and make a bigger difference in their communities. As an expression of our support to the many organizations whose mission is to make their community a better and more nurturing environment, we offer a series of grant writing classes. We formed Grant Writing Specialists as a company that puts a premium on Civility, Integrity, and Honesty. These are the .Grant writing training
If you are interested in grant writing training, many community colleges and non-profit agencies sponsor grant writing classes throughout the year. For law enforcement specific grant writing classes, please check the following free law enforcement training centers for their class roster. The free training includes the course, course materials, housing and meals. You provide the transportation and time.
You missed Grant Writing Class at Church of the Atonement Lutheran Church.

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I am available to speak at events as well as customized grant writing classes. The standard grant writing class that I give begins at 9 a.m. and concludes at 5 p.m. The cost per individual is $149. I will be happy to come to your location and give one of these standard classes. This class represents a complete course in grant writing from determining your need to searching for grants to writing the grant proposal to administering the project. The following topics are covered:

Sorry, you missed Grant Writing Class at Church of the Atonement Lutheran Church.

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Sorry, you missed Grant Writing Class at Church of the Atonement Lutheran Church.

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“I have taken two grant writing classes from Jay -- one a basic grant writing class and one on how to start a grant writing business. He tailors the class to the needs of people in the class and offers lots of practical advice that can only come from someone with long experience in the field.” – Jeff M.