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Taking a good look at the program, it's not hard to see the Saxon influence. The textbooks have the look of some of the Saxon texts. Turning to the table of contents, the similarity gets even stronger there are lists of lessons rather than units or chapters. The uncluttered black and white appearance of text pages is also familiar. Don't stop here! The organizational structure of the program and its components is very Saxon-esque - carefully sequenced and incremental lessons coupled with continual review. The text is written directly to the student. Lessons include a teaching sequence with examples, related practice, and review. Tests are periodic and cumulative. Another similarity is the obvious commitment to a rigorous and thorough scope and sequence. In short, what we have here is a grammar and writing program which embodies all the strengths of the Saxon methodology; one that is user-friendly, academically rigorous, and doable all at the same time.

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The following samples of the Grammar and Writing student textbooks include the first ten grammar lessons and review sets plus a handful of later lessons to demonstrate how the instructional material is presented and reviewed.

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You will notice that the Grammar and Writing textbooks are not constructed as "grammar reference books," but instead are carefully designed to promote deep-rooted learning using the proven instructional techniques of incremental development and continual review.

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So here’s a list of ten free online resources that can help an individual improve their English grammar and writing skills.


The writing guide is perfectly suited for young writers and the students. The user community of this site is made up of persons who are just at the beginning of their writing experience and are most likely looking to get some basic information about English grammar and writing.

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The resource material that is available here is great. If you are looking for a much more detailed approach to your English grammar, then you need to use this particular online resource. It guarantees you accurate and helpful information on your grammar and writing skills.