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The PhD Qualifying Examination for IS PhD students consists of the PhD QE I (PhD QE module) and PhD QE II (Graduate Research Paper (GRP)).

(2) Annual Best Graduate Research Paper Awards Competition

(ii) Graduate Research Paper (GRP)

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You will find numerous examples of graduate papers listed on the internet and filed in your library. But picking just any example may not be a good idea. Since you are picking it for reference purposes, you must ensure that it would be suitable for you. But how do you identify one that would suit your purpose? There are certain aspects which you can check to ensure that the graduate research paper example you choose is the appropriate one for you.

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3. The quality: It is extremely important to ensure the quality of the graduate research paper example you choose, as the example would influence your understanding of the procedure. A good one will influence you positively whereas a poor one would influence you negatively. If you are not capable of judging it yourself, get help from someone knowledgeable to figure out the quality of the paper.

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Despite of all these dilemmas and problems that hinder in your way to write graduate research papers, not only you can cut your time to write your papers by over 70%, but also get good grades you dream of. significantly differs from an undergraduate research paper. Similarly, there is a significant difference between a graduate research paper and term papers. requires in-depth understanding about the topic of study from students. Student should also be aware of the fact that there is a less room for error if he or she is going to write a graduate research paper.The graduate research paper can be considered the capstone of the graduate program. For the paper, students synthesize information they have learned throughout the program and apply it to the field experience. Students have two options: the meta-analytic literature review or the empirical research paper.Now, let’s come to the point and observe the noteworthy differences between term papers and graduate research papers. Here is how a graduate research paper differs from the term paper:
The graduate research paper can be considered the capstone of the graduate program

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"ITOCA in collaboration with Albert R. Mann Library, Cornell University is pleased to announce the TEEAL Post-Graduate Research Paper Competition 2015 for post graduate students from six eligible African countries (Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania and Uganda) to obtain TEEAL, The Essential Electronic Agricultural Library for their institution as well as prize money. TEEAL invites MSc and PhD students to submit research papers in food production, food security, agricultural and food policy or rural development."

to be redirected to ITOCA's page for additional details about eligibility, registering for the competition, and submitting a paper for consideration.

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There are many ways by which you can learn a new procedure or get a grasp of a new concept. But there is no better way than to refer to a good example of what you are trying to learn. This is even more true when it comes to graduate research papers. Considering that it won’t be in the same league as middle school or high school research papers, you will need to learn its specifications afresh. And having good graduate research paper examples, in hand for reference, can prove very helpful.

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