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A good persuasive essay topic has to be controversial, while its originality is not that important. Do not be afraid to take “overused” topics such as abortion or death penalty, as long as you really care about them and have strong arguments in defense of your opinion. Besides, even within a very generic subject, you can find an unusual angle or aspect to explore. Below are examples of good argumentative essay topics that have been crafted this way.

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Good Persuasive Essay Topics For Middle School

good persuasive essay topics for college students

Picking a good persuasive essay topic for fifth-grade students includes looking over things that you have read in class, reviewing the information that your teacher has presented, end exploring controversial items which are important to you or interesting to you. If you are interested in the topic about which you are writing for your essay you will find that it is a lot more exciting to look up new information and to read about it.

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Finding a good persuasive essay topic can be pretty easy because if you look at all of the topics that you might find online, you might see the same ones that have been done over and over again but you could have a new way to look at the subject. If you can’t find a new topic to do for your persuasive essay then you can do an older topic but breathe new light into it. Here are some topics that you can use for your persuasive essay.

Once you have understood how to write the essay, use the ideas below to compose a good persuasive essay topic.
Do you know what topics for persuasive essays are considered to be good and are better to write on? This knowledge is quite useful as the persuasive essay topics are the important point of the persuasive essay examples. The selection of good persuasive essay topics is the halfway to the successful persuasive essay example. However, the choice of persuasive essay topics should be made taking into account a lot of factors. For the first sight it seems useless to order the example of persuasive essay as there are a lot of them available for free. However, let`s check their quality. Every persuasive essay example available for free is plagiarized, poorly written having unclear points and arguments included. The structure of the paper, the quality level of its completion and the range of persuasive writing topics are not worth paying attention to. Good persuasive essay topics, which are up-to-date and appropriate for the modern students can be advised only by the writer who is working for long in the field of academic writing and is interested in the modern scientific trends. He will give you the topics for persuasive essays that will lead to the success of the paper, and, actually, he will provide you with the main ideas to be covered in the paper to make it interesting and well-done. Being proficient in the persuasive writing techniques as well as experienced in writing a persuasive essay, your personal professional writer will give you some hints how to make your persuasive essays better. You have an opportunity to request either persuasive essay outline for the selected topic or just a sample persuasive essay: anyway the papers on the persuasive topics for you will be completed at their best.
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If you still need further assistance finding a good persuasive essay topic, then you can do an Internet search. Searching for “good persuasive essay topics” will bring up more websites that you could ever imagine looking through for topics. Many of the topics are dated, but you are bound to find something that you can work with successfully. If you do not see the perfect topic for you, you can always look for a topic for inspiration. Maybe you decide that you want to write about bullying in schools, but you know that subject has been written about for many years. Instead of focusing on the bully and the victim, you could write about the role of the teacher. You could also look at the role of the school when it comes to cyberbullying that occurs off campus after the school day is finished. Your essay could address the role of the parents when it comes to monitoring their children’s activities.

A good persuasive essay topic has to be controversial, while its originality is not that important

Finding A Good Persuasive Essay Topic: How To Choose?

Selecting good persuasive essay topic should not be done lightly. Great consideration should be applied to the process. This is the back bone of your essay. Everything else will revolve around the topic. Therefore, select wisely.
• Avoid general topics. These topics are the ones which have been argued and discussed many times. These will make the reader feel bored with your essay.
• Select a topic which you feel strongly on. How will you argue and persuade someone on something if you lack the motivation?
• Controversial or argumentative essay topics are the best for persuasion essays. Using a controversial or argumentative topic ensures that everyone will have different ideas about it.
• Select a topic which you are knowledgeable about. If you have no idea what you need to argue how will you convince others?
• Most persuasive essay topics are broad. For example, if you are writing your essay on Global Warming, you need to narrow it down to either cause of Global Warming or How to prevent Global Warming. The entire topic will be too vast to include in one Global Warming essay.

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These are the important features of a good persuasive essay topic. All that’s left to do is to choose one and start defending your stance on the subject.