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With the advent of print-on-demand (POD) technology, many ghostwriting companies are offering to write, publish, and promote your book. Self-publishing a book is relatively easy and inexpensive, but promoting it can be quite difficult. Large ghostwriting companies, therefore, are now offering to make you a rising literary star-if you pay them an outrageous sum of money for promotion.

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I don't work for ghostwriting companies that are really just vanity publishers.

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Most ghostwriting companies focus on writing the same types of projects year after year. We pride ourselves in writing a variety of projects, online and off, mainstream and niche. We never turn clients away and never run away from a legitimate project. Take a look at our “Greatest Hits” page to see the level of complexity and sometimes obscurity that we take on.

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Renaissance Writers is all about reviving the lost art of the written word! We are not just a ghostwriting company, but also a company that brings back the spirit of the renaissance. Our goal is to elevate the writing, bestowing proper honor to the written word, as this is what truly sells your product, improves your search rankings and makes a connection with your audience. All of our authors reflect the values of the new renaissance age, meaning they are educated (college-educated or employed as full time writers) and passionate about writing. We actually limit the number of authors we work with, as well as our number of projects, so that we can ensure quality.

When choosing a ghostwriting company, it is vital to find out the following information before making an order:
First, with each jump in price, the successive packages offer to give you the names of more and more industry contacts to help promote your work that the ghostwriting company is in the process of publishing. Many of the contacts are literary agents, editors, and publishers, but these can be obtained by anyone willing to buy or . More to the point, why do you need the names of editors and publishers at all if the ghostwriting company is already editing and publishing your book? Secondly, no agent will handle a self-published book coming from a ghostwriting company unless it sells approximately ten thousand copies.We are one of the only SEO or ghostwriting firms that allow clients to choose a favorite author. While we do keep our authors anonymous (to avoid byline issues), you can request a specific author whose work you enjoy to continue working with your company. Most SEO firms or ghostwriting companies rotate their projects and authors around, making it impossible for authors to choose their favorite topics. We correct this problem, ensuring happy authors and happy clients.One of the most ludicrous scams is charging thousands of dollars to write a simple query letter. Query letters are usually one page long and are sent to agents or publishers to see if they are interested in your manuscript. Once again, why would you send query letters to agents and publishers when the book is already being published by the ghostwriting company?A physician and philosopher who teaches at the University of Minnesota’s Center for Bioethics, Elliott knows his subject. He describes in vivid detail how drug companies shower billions of dollars on the medical profession—on distinguished medical school faculty to promote drugs as well as on ordinary doctors to get them to prescribe them—with the help of a panoply of intermediaries. Among these: private research firms, medical education and ghostwriting companies, and various patient advocacy groups.
I don't work for ghostwriting companies that are really just vanity publishers.

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When you contact me, there's no "management team" trying to sell you additional services such as printing and promotion. I advise clients on these areas for free. And I don't subcontract work to other writers the way large ghostwriting companies do.

I don't work for ghostwriting companies that are really just vanity publishers

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I have been a ghostwriter and editor for fifteen years and write both fiction and nonfiction. Prior to becoming a ghostwriter, I held editorial positions, owned and operated a manuscript review service, wrote newspaper articles, gave seminars on getting published, wrote public relations materials for Tulane University, and published novels, short stories, and poetry under my own name. I also offer ghostwriter mentoring for ghostwriters looking for an effective business model to work independently from ghostwriting companies.

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On the higher end, you'll find well-seasoned ebook writers who could spin a tale so silky that Rumpelstiltskin himself would apparate into the room just to read it. The ghostwriters are also extremely efficient at managing their time and are more likely to have a team of other writers on board to take care of the story together. Having all those creative heads together can mean an extraordinary book produced in as little as 4-6 weeks and ready to hit the ebookstore shelves the minute you get it from them. There are obviously many bonuses to choosing a ghostwriter with this power, especially if you don't mind putting out $700-$2500 to have an ebook created that will bring you an extra $5000 per month. As a bonus, many ghostwriting companies will also include marketing packages with their services, which is priceless if you aren't sure how you're going to get your book out there to bring in that income.