Do you have any questions or tips for getting published in magazines?

Thanks for the bit of encouragement today Jeff! I have been sitting on some ideas for a few years and struggle with motivation or desire to write when I think of the odds of it actually getting published.

Do you have any questions or tips for getting published in magazines?

Like so many things in life, getting published isn’t about  as much as it is about who you know.

Well written on the concept getting published more..thanks for this..

What’s the first big step to getting published? Act. Put one foot in front of the other — and repeat. Courage, as we’ve often heard, is not the absence of fear, but the willingness to move in spite of it.

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Getting published isn't the only goal. Your book must sell well enough to sustain your writing career. According to Donald Maass, one of the top literary agents in New York, as many as 50% of books fail in the marketplace.

Like so many things in life, getting published isn’t about  as much as it is about who you know.
Getting published is the goal of every book writer. For older writers, publishing that first book may be the fulfilment of a lifelong dream. For young writers, it can be an achievement that launches a career as a professional writer.For novels, you begin process of getting published by writing a finished and polished manuscript. While it is possible to start shopping for a publisher with nothing more than an outline and a few chapters written, it is better to complete a novel first, so that you are prepared when a publisher asks to see it. Otherwise you may be in the position of having to complete the manuscript in a very short time when the request comes, and that is no easy task. There are plenty of problems that can arise when writing a novel, so it is best to solve them when you are not under such pressure.These days, you have more options for getting published, such as ebooks, self-publishing, and print-on-demand, which may be commercially successful, but often are not. If you have an idea for a good book, but you are just starting out, you are probably better off going the traditional route.However, for books with the potential for commercial success, your chances of getting published are better if you have an agent. Agents can get your proposal looked at much faster. Agents can generally negotiate bigger advances. This means more money for you upfront. It also means the publishing house will be more likely to promote your book – so it can earn back the money it gave you.Once upon a time, the process of getting published meant sending copies of a complete manuscript to various publishers along with a cover letter introducing yourself and explaining your desire to have them publish your book. Today, most publishers refuse to look at unsolicited manuscripts (i.e. manuscripts they have not asked to see). So your task is to get a publisher to request to see your manuscript. The way you do this is to first prepare a proposal and a

Here's where novelists have things a little easier. A proposal for a novel consists primarily of the first three chapters. These give publishers the opportunity to see how well you write, the style of the book, and how skilled you are at developing your plot and characters. Some publishers will also want a brief outline or (which is much easier to write if you have finished the novel – see above). At the end of the day everything can be great, the body text ofthe article, the photography, the presentation, but as Ross says,"To have any chance of getting published, the writer must grabthe reader's attention right from the start, in the firstparagraph. The leading paragraph of a feature article is themost important."
For that writer, at that moment, the odds of getting published became 100%.

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· Repeat all the steps and don’t get discouraged. A lot of successful writers today had to start from somewhere too. If you are really intent on getting published, you have to keep honing your skills and you have to submit as many quality works as you can.

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The traditional route to getting published involves certain basic steps The articles below cover some of these in more detail, but here is a brief outline:

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Don't be discouraged if getting published takes a while. There are an awful lot of writers trying to get publishers to read their manuscripts. Even assuming your book is terrific, every publisher and agent receives thousands of proposals and manuscripts each year. Even though most of these are of poor quality or not what publishers are looking for, your terrific manuscript is a needle in a haystack, so it will take publishers time to find it.