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A Math Teachers’ Circle is a place where middle school math teachers and mathematicians come together to explore problem solving approaches with interesting and fun math problems and to share classroom experiences and success. During the week-long workshop, teachers will participate in a process of learning that puts the enjoyment back in mathematics through the investigation of intriguing problems. The Heartland Math Teachers’ Circle at MNU provides guidance and support for promoting critical thinking and problem solving in the classroom.

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Now, take advantage of plenty of learning material 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at the Math Kangaroo Media Library. Login and click "Video Solution" tab to enjoy the creative thinking behind the solutions to all the fun math problems.

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I have come across some fun math problems (yes, math CAN be fun!) through the internet and friends. Here is a video of Japanese Multiplication. First watch the video, and then see if you can figure out how they are multiplying before you read my explanation below!

Funny Math Problems Math problems.
Math Problems Game - Math games for adults begin here. The math problems listed in this game are hard. A single math problem or equation will be displayed. You need to find a solution for the problem. Once you have it select the word solution. This will reveal the answer. The fun math problems are updated regularly.For the first time, this exam will be divided into two rounds: the initial round will be open to anyone willing to try, and this will be available online for all, from March 2nd through March 8th. It is a 30 minute online test that contains 15-20 fun math problems based on leading textbooks around the world. This challenge will also allow parents to find out how their child's math knowledge compares to students from other countries! ​But two new research findings give reason for hope. A on a free app called , recently published in the journal Science, showed that turning math into an everyday, fun activity improved children’s performance, even if they had math-anxious parents. The study looked for correlations between the math performance of 587 children and how often they used the app, which provides fun math problems for parents and their kids to do together before bed. It found that the more often the app was used, the more math the kids learned in school.
I have come across some fun math problems (yes, math CAN be fun!) through the internet and friends

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The exam is known for being difficult. The median for this year was 3 points out of 120, and many people get a score of zero. “I’d tell people interested in taking the Putnam to go for it and not worry about the competitive part; you should take it for the chance to work on fun math problems and discuss them afterwards,” Sellke said.

the app, which provides fun math problems for parents and their kids to do together before bed

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Math Superstars is a completely voluntary, critical-thinking program that gives parents and students the opportunity to work at home on fun math problems. The program is great for encouraging parent/child teamwork, practicing math skills, learning to approach problem-solving situations, and strengthening the tie between home and school. Here is how it works:

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Kids of all ages love to play games on the computer! The virtual world here at is filled with games, including . Kids will enjoy solving fun math problems and zapping the right answers to gain more points.