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Kids in 4-H clubs explore a wealth of fun and educational experiences. They raise animals, plant gardens, learn about archery, cook healthy foods and more. As the largest youth development program in the country, 4-H teaches kids valuable life skills while they participate in fun group projects surrounding a common interest. Below, discover the A to Z reasons that 4-H is an afterschool activity worth exploring.

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Civil Engineers play a huge role in the world you live in. Your house, your road and the system that brings clean water to your tap were all designed by Civil Engineers. We will learn how to about build a bridge, design structures and how civil engineers work with water to do lots of cool stuff! You will also get to see what it is like working as an Engineer we do our own fun group projects each week.

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You guys post great stuff, you show up and support me, you send me fun projects and include me in fun group projects. You love your own pets, you support other people and their pets and you rescue the pets who are not yet to their forever homes. You are the best of the best and you already help me more than you could ever know. So that. THANK YOU.

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Everything that you need to complete these fun group projects is included in this set. All that you will need is scissors, a stapler, and coloring pencils. Your students will love working on this large group project together and the finished projects make a dynamic classroom or hallway display.This is ALL true. I got my Phd. I had a boyfriend when I was doing this and I was real busy, stressed, and cried a lot. I had no time for him and we ended breaking up cause of how busy I was. He didn't understand. I did have my concerns am I doing the right thing for me or not? If you don't like people you will not like grad school there are A lot of group projects but don't think it's fun group projects like in high school there is no fun in the word grad school. Its not easy at all hard work but I wish I never have done it I could have got a job without grad school I'm not talking walmart or anything. 3. Final Draft Black and White Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory Templates (10 templates/worksheets) This unique and fun group project for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory includes 10 worksheets with templates that assemble into Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory.A week long camp of crazy crafts. We use a combination of found objects, recycled materials, paint, paper, glue and all the fun add-ons to create one-of-a-kind masterpieces. All imagination, cooperation and hands on!

Projects include journals, jewelry, collage, sculpture as well as fun group projects and challenges. Ages 6+

5 day Camp, 9:30AM - 12:30PM- $145
includes all supplies
please send snack and drink each day, dress for mess
1818 Margaret Ave., Annapolis, MD

Projects include journals, jewelry, collage, sculpture as well as fun group projects and challenges

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You will learn how to get organized for project success; how to find the help you need when you need it; how to communicate your ideas and how to be a small group leader. We will practice with fun group projects as we get to know you and as you get to know the possibilities for ongoing projects with local community service agencies. Don't wait to "give back". Get to know your State College neighbors by sharing your time and new knowledge.

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The SEAL Lab in Electrical Engineering is frequently looking forpassionate undergraduates who are interested in learning about researchand working on fun group projects. Our projects are mostly medicalrelated and are in listed topics: Embedded Systems, Control Systems,High/Low level programming, Linux programming, Analog/ DigitalElectronics, Power Systems.

After you've had a chance to get to know us, then we'll start posting lots of fun group projects and freebies we've been happily creating!

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We’ve had some fun group projects, including the Augmented Reality Sandbox which we showed at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History’s GLOW festival.