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Make sure to use BonPatron Pro, the Online Spelling and Grammar Checker for French as a Second Language, in the LRC (MAK D-2-221) before coming to the French Writing Center.

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The French writing institute is particularly exciting because of the supportit will lend to the participating teachers and, by extension, to the Frenchimmersion program. Because parents in this region are eager for their childrento value their cultural heritage, the French immersion program has become apopular alternative to customary schooling. As Charles Larroque points out in"Telling the Louisiana Story," (see article, page 34), language is afundamental part of any culture, and when the traditional one disappears, asFrench so nearly did among the Acadian and Creole peoples, memories andtraditions fade with it. A critical part of family and personal identity islost. Going to school in French is one way to keep that history alive and thatculture ongoing.

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It didn't take long, however, to realize that all of the forms and letterswere worth the effort. Twenty teachers, all of them involved in the Frenchimmersion and bilingual programs that operate in five Louisiana parishes, wereselected to participate in AWP's French writing institute. This institutefollows the same model as the summer invitational institute. In fact, the twoinstitutes differ only in that, since most of the fellows involved in the Frenchwriting institute are native French speakers from Quebec, New Brunswick,Belgium, Haiti, Niger, and France, the institute is conducted in their primarylanguage. Beyond that, a writing project institute is a writing projectinstitute. With Nicole Boudreaux (an emigré from Grenoble, France) serving asdirector, the fellows write, give demonstrations, and discuss classroomstrategies. They participate in presentations given by AWP teacher-consultants,and they share their writing in reading and response groups. They are"teachers teaching teachers" . . . in French.

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You will find that in Francophone countries, daily culture and literature are intertwined. Many phrases, and expressions that you will learn are directly related to literature. Understanding one will help you understand the other. Also, French writers pride themselves on bringing beauty to their works not only with the message but with the actual lyrical style and phrasing of the language. Thus, understanding French phrases will greatly increase your reading comprehension!The Department of French Studies is happy to announce the launch of the . The Centre aims to help undergraduate students with the preparation of their French written assignments. Along with answering homework-related questions, the Centre's advisors will assist students by recommending resources, tools and strategies to undergraduate students to help with their future writing projects.Do you need a qualified professional translator? Pierre Fuentes French Writing & Translation Services in Edinburgh, Scotland, provides French translation, proofreading and writing services.Over the centuries, many great literary works have come out of France. While this list is hardly comprehensive, the following are arguably some of the greatest literary masters that have ever lived. Chances are good that you've read or at least heard of these famous French writers.
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The French Writing Center is for students in upper-division classes (300-400 level) to receive assistance with their writing assignments. We can help you to brainstorm for topic ideas, develop theses for your papers, organize your essays, learn how to revise and collaborate in the proofreading process, identify grammar error patterns, and locate sentence or punctuation errors.

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Prof. Carol Wilson
Office: MAK B-2-246
Availability: Tuesdays 9-10 am, Thursdays 11-12 noon, and by appointment.

If you have any questions about the French Writing Center, please e-mail Prof. Wilson at

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The French Writing Workshop is designed to help students in French 313 and higher to improve their written expression in French. In most cases, students will decide, in consultation with their professor, to revise and resubmit their work for a possible adjustment in grade.