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Technical writing poses specific challenges; to meet them, LaTeX goes beyond business-oriented word processors and makes it easier to create complex documents. Here, I'll compare a typical LaTeX installation to a generic business-oriented word processor-specifically, Microsoft Word (part of the Office suite), but it could just as easily be Corel WordPerfect or OpenOffice Writer (a free software package). This isn't an exhaustive list of word processors, nor is it intended to be due to space limitations. Some of the newer free online writing tools-such as Google Docs or Zoho Writer-are basically online variations of more traditional business-oriented word processors, and they're not specifically aimed at technical writing. Finally, it's not my intention here to disparage business-oriented word processors; they're sophisticated tools that are very good at their intended purpose: producing business documents.

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just put out some new free online songwriting tools today. They call the tool suite MUSE. In the suite you have 4 online tools. Access them

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Of all the free online writing tools I introduce students to, Hemingway Editor is probably the one they love – and use – the most. The tool is named after the American writer famous for his clear, simple direct prose style – and it suggests ways to bring a similar clarity, simplicity and directness to your business writing.

C'mon and get the scoop on three free online writing tools that will improve your writing today.
AudioSparx, a database of music catalogued by moods. The ultimate background music for writing. Free online writing tools. online writing tool. Music for Writing.

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Looking for online writing tools to help make you a better writer? C'mon and get the scoop on three free online writing tools that will improve your writing today.

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Today, resources for collaborative online writing that were not available a decade ago include blogs, wikis and other free online writing tools.

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