Initialize one input frame for writing to the output file.

In the 1800's elementary school students used a small piece of slate mounted in a wooden frame for writing practice and arithmetic problems. Writing was done with a small pencil made of slate, soapstone or clay. The slate could be wiped clean with a soft cloth. Small slates were also used in schools and businesses to list daily events, schedules, menus, prices and other notices. Today, over 150 years after writing slates started to disappear from schools the word "slate" is still used in phrases such as "clean slate," "wipe the slate clean," "slated for today," "put it on the slate" and more.

writing frame for writing activity centre

As a framework for writing weekend recounts and excursion recounts.

Example Writing Frame for Beginning Writers

There are a lot of lessons out there that rely on this mentor text, and I have to say, most of them I don't find very creative; mainly, other lessons focus too much on teaching the structured nature of Important Book passages, and when you do that, I believe you lose something. So I tried to build this lesson so that it would spark my students creativity by giving them the safety of the frame for writing but permission to think outside the frame too.

Travel/Holidays A writing frame for writing a postcard in French

Amy Harbarger, one of the NNWP's great teacher/librarian consultants, asks her students to reflect using the Important Book's safe frame for writing.

Frame for writing a postcard in french
This can only be done if you include a time-frame for writing in your daily routine

Writing frame for writing instructions.

This lesson is based on two narrative picture books that can be compared and contrasted. The first picture book is by Arthur Howard, which features a very imitate-able frame for writing.

Thus, practicing yoga in the morning puts the mind in the right frame for writing.

What was the time frame for writing this book

Thirty minutes is a better time frame for writing an opinion essay, but it can still be tight

A copy of the sequence frame for writing an expository paragraph