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Don't leave your references until last (like I did). may or may not have spent 8 hours fixing references on the day of the final final dissertation submission deadline. Ahem. It takes a LOT longer than you think. Or you could be really smart(er than me) and use a reference wrangling software like Endnote or RefWorks.

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Preliminary dissertation deadline: August 5, 2016Final dissertation deadline: September 16, 2016

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Once a dissertation receives a grade of Distinction or Pass, the dissertation committee must sign the Defense Examination report, which is provided to the dissertation committee chair by the SIS Director of Doctoral Studies. The student must also provide two copies of the properly formatted title page of the dissertation for signature by all members of the dissertation committee. After the title page is signed by each member of the dissertation committee, the student must submit both copies to the PhD academic advisor. The student will also need to submit the final dissertation; for more information on submitting the dissertation to the University see:

hours until the final Dissertation Defense has been completed.

The final dissertation of the Master Degree in Global Entrepreneurship, Economics and Management has to be written and discussed in English. It consists in the presentation and defense of a written work under the guide and help of a supervisor chosen by the student.
The Master Thesis has to written in English with an abstract in Italian. The dissertation is presented in front of a Faculty Committee composed by five five lecturers of the Department of Economics. Among them there is the supervisor and an assistant supervisor chosen by the Director of the Department of Economics.

Preliminary dissertation deadline: December 2, 2016Final dissertation deadline: January 13, 2017
Your final year dissertation (sometimes called a 'thesis' or 'final year research project') is often seen as the culmination of your university career and is your chance to demonstrate the extent of your knowledge and skills. Many students find the thought of writing a dissertation intimidating but in reality if you plan your writing it shouldn't be daunting and some students even find it enjoyable! If you break down your dissertation, you’ll find that it will contain roughly the same sections as a .Once the manuscript has been approved by the Graduate School via , candidates may choose to purchase bound copies of the final Dissertation for themselves or as a gift for the Dissertation Chair. Dissertation binding services are not offered by UTC Scholar; however, they may be purchased through the UTC Bookstore or ProQuest UMI. The final dissertation call will be much more of an evaluative nature. Summarization of your study, presentation of results, implications and overall considerations of the work will be the focus of your presentation to your mentor and committee. Upon approval, you will submit the dissertation for publication. Once you have passed these last requirements of the University, it is time to plan for graduation. Congratulations!The Final Dissertation Conference Call.
In contrast to the proposal call, the final call will be evaluative in nature. When your mentor is satisfied that Chapter 4 (Results) and Chapter 5 (Discussion) are ready, he or she will give permission to distribute the completed dissertation to your committee. In some schools, a school designee will also review your dissertation prior to the final dissertation conference call.
Under the multiple-paper option, the final dissertation will include introduction, manuscript, and discussion chapters.

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:An must be included in your final dissertation/thesis pdf. An original is to be signed and dated by your advisor and delivered to the Graduate School, 207 Bowne Hall. When signing your title page, your advisor is confirming that you have completed all of the revisions and/or requirements that were requested at the time of your defense. It is very important that the completion date on your title page appear as the month and year that you will graduate; e.g. June 2012, August 2012, December 2012 or May 2013.

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Once your advisor has approved your final dissertation/thesis you will need to convert your dissertation/thesis to an Adobe pdf file (or possibly multiple files). If you do not already know a method for doing so, there is an easy to use converter at the ETD Administrator site that you can use once you log in.

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Ph.D. candidates at Brown must file their dissertations electronically. Brown's was developed by the Graduate School and the University Library and launched in 2008. The system is designed to collect and archive final dissertation as a text-based PDF file. Electronic dissertations submitted through the ETD will appear in the Library's and in the Brown .