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When writing a non-fiction book report, here are some of the basic elements that should be discussed unless the non-fiction book report assignment states differently.

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Title and Theme of the Story
Start the non-fiction book report by identifying how the title of the book relates to the theme or subject matter and then discuss how the problems and resolutions are introduced into the story. Also discuss if the problems or conflicts were bigger than the author or limited to the author's specific experiences.

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Writing a fiction book report, as well as a non-fiction book report on various topics is part of school coursework. While a non-fiction book report would be interesting and educational, writing fiction book reports is a great adventure. After all, with fiction book reports, you have the opportunity to be extremely creative. If you have time and expertise to do the writing, great but if not, hiring a professional academic writer would help. Typically, a fiction book report is on a topic assigned by the teacher or one relating to the course being taken. Often, students are given a lot of leeway in choosing the topic for the fiction book report, helping to keep them focused on producing an outstanding paper. Regardless, to make the process easier and less stressful, we recommend you download a fiction book report form from a reputable website and then follow the provided outline.However, if going through a professional company, they could provide the template needed for the non-fiction book report. Regarding good ideas for a non-fiction book report, this would depend in part on the level of education, such as middle school, high school, or college, and your personal interest. However, we wanted to provide some ideas for a non-fiction book report for each level, starting with middle school. At this level, teachers are now encouraging a three-dimensional non-fiction book report. For instance, if you were going to write a non-fiction book report on a former President, you could create a life-sized model, sculpt a character from wood, clay, sticks, stone, etc, or dress up as the Present. With this, you would then depict the character as the non-fiction book report is read to the class. If you need to do a non-fiction book report for a high school class, some of the more popular topics include sleep disorders and treatment options, illegal street racing, and eco-friendly living. Remember, a good non-fiction book report would be one that not only captures the listener’s attention, but also educates. Then for a non-fiction book report at the college level, some of the topics currently being written about include geriatric depression, global relations, or third world issues such as population, development, and economics.


Author and Point of View
In many non-fiction book reports the author's life will be shown to have a big impact on the conflicts and resolutions of the story. To add a talking point to the non-fiction book report, discuss the author's viewpoint and how it impacted the telling of the story. For example, was the author a part of the story or is he or she simply sharing it?

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Australian Blacklock debuts with a gory, rough-hewn tale set in ancient Greece and Italy. Sent from Athens to escape the plague, young Nicasylus is taken by pirates and sold into slavery; he escapes, makes his way to Olympia, and witnesses the vicious Pankration, a no-rules fight that lasts until all but one competitor is too broken up to continue. The author splits the story between Nic and his giant friend Gellius - a sailor who survives the pirate attack - who undergoes the requisite nine months of training and purification required to compete in the games, and is beaten to a pulp but crowned victor when Nic fingers his opponent as the pirate captain. There are some who may enjoy following Nic's blood-and-vomit-splashed trail to Olympia, but neither of the protagonists sees much beyond the climactic bout, even though Blacklock prepares readers for a visit to the ancient games. The rarely used setting, tailor-made for historical fiction book reports, may spark some interest. (Kirkus Reviews)

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A non fiction book report differs slightly. That’s because, generally speaking, a nonfiction book report won’t have deeper meanings to examine. With a non-fiction book the point or arguments it is looking to establish are quite clear and expressed by the author upfront. A summary of the work is still expected, but analysis will generally focus on the implications or arguments being made. An exception to this would be a biographical work that could work as an allegory for a greater meaning. In biography book reports, the aforementioned outline would work.