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Let us add that there are many other initiatives which were created for the purpose of pure entertainment, but which nevertheless have contributed to popularize mathematics. These include, for instance: -- The weekly television series "Numbers", with over 11 million viewers, which shows that mathematics can end up being very useful in solving crime mysteries. -- The Simpsons', a comic show on television, whose creators have a degree in mathematics from Harvard. One will notice that in the dialog, some famous math problems emerge, such as Fermat's Last Theorem and a discussion on perfect numbers, narcissitic numbers and Mersenne primes, all important number theory features.

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This set of famous math problems was developed ten years ago, but it has withstood the test of time (and use in my classrom with adult learners). It is a product of the well-established Math Forum, which originated at Swarthmore College and now resides at Drexel University. The problems exemplify problem-solving, both specifically for each problem and generally as a process ("What steps did mathematicians go through to solve these problems?" "To what extent did they rely on prior knowledge?" "Were the problems solved immediately, or did the solution come after much trial and error?")

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In my experience, these math problems are best used by small groups of adult learners with some direction by teacher, tutor, or other facilitator. The website is not as highly interactive as more recent products, but the information is valuable and the author's approach is refreshing. Through guided work on any one of these famous math problems in the history of mathematics, learners will develop confidence in their abilities to do tackle problems that initially may seem "too hard". The problems lead to further discussion and investigation. ("What else was going on at the time this math problem was being solved?" "Where is Konigsberg, with the famous bridges"? "How long ago did Zeno live-a problem in negative numbers!")

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Here are three famous math problems that people struggled with for a long time but were finally ..

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Born in 1854, French mathematician and scientist Henri Poincare is famous for his contributions to a wide range of fields, including mathematical physics, applied mathematics and celestial mechanics, as well as formulating the Poincare conjecture, a famous math problem that has only recently been solved. For more facts and information on check out our page devoted to the most influential mathematicians in history.

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I'm inclined to agree with Hanoj on both of his points above, both that: a) the percentage of winnable formations is higher than might at first appear, and b) it is no simple matter to eliminate unwinnable boards. After all, this derives from a famous math problem, and famous math problems don't get that way by being simple to solve. But I am no mathematician, so I could be wrong.

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However, this coloring task was being led by an eminent LAS Wolfgang Haken, and it involved one of the most famous math problems in history—the four-color theorem. In its simplest form, this theorem says that any map can be colored using only four colors. But here’s the catch: Any two adjacent countries or states must be of different colors. (If two countries meet at only a single point, they are not considered adjacent. They must share a border.)