For example, in math class they would do extra math problems

I still think that college students should make the best possible use of their break time, however, and I’m here to give you some ideas on how to do that. Don’t worry…it doesn’t have anything to do with studying or extra math problems!

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Yes, she made me go to Chinese school and work on extra math problems

Every night, since his last report card, Willie did extra math problems, hoping to get his grade up. He had worked so hard and his test scores were better, but were they good enough for an A?

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It's exciting to me ... My dad is an engineer, and when I was in 5th grade, he would assign extra math problems for me to do outside of school and I liked the idea that you either got the problem right or wrong, there's a right or wrong answer. I did this "math climbers" game which was like the precursor to computer games, where you would try to do all these math problems mentally as fast as you could and you would win. Obviously now things are not as black and white.

Ask them to define vocabulary words, solve extra math problems, explain how
She is so serious about doing well in school she ASKS her mentor for extra math problems

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There are also plenty of online resources for students to use for free math help. You can easily find extra math problems, studying tips and even math games to help you learn math for free. Additionally most of these online resources are free!

It is not even the quantity of those extra math problems that she has to do

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This document is a spiraling daily math review of the Common Core State Standards for 4th grade. There are 5 domains in 4th grade. Every day there is one question per domain for a total of 5 questions. Each problem is labeled with the exact standard. No more guessing if a question is CCSS aligned! That means each week your students will be practicing 25 spiraling CCSS aligned math problems a week in addition to your normal math instruction! By month's end your students will have had a chance to complete 100 extra math problems that won't take much of your instructional time.

I tried some extra math problems at home so I can know it like it is my name

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As far back as I can remember I knew I would be working with numbers. The natural progression for me went something like this: working extra math problems at home just for fun (loved math); playing cards for money with my parents (sharpened my analytical and money handling skills); counting money (loved counting my winnings); […]