The following templates are examples of project proposals only.

Examples of project proposals include having literature and film students identify local sustainability issues and develop short documentaries on the subject, and engaging philosophy and environmental-science classes in addressing the problem of microplastics in Lake Champlain.

Here is an example of a project proposal form:

Example of a project proposal illustrating the questions that will be asked of proposal submitters.

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Project proposals should, where applicable, stress interagency coordination, demonstrate new or innovative technologies, use comprehensive strategies that have statewide applicability, and stress public participation. Examples of project proposals previously funded by TSSWCB are available at . Additionally, applicants are encouraged to review EPA’s Grant Guidelines for the NPS Program are available at and EPA’s expectations for well-crafted proposals described in the .

Here is an example of a project proposal form:

Over the course of four days, the participants had a chance to gain new knowlegde in the domain of EU-funded project writing and project management. Workshop sessions, first and foremost, introduced the stages of project management cycle to the participants, upon which practical group work focused on specific examples of project proposals.

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The following are examples of possible titles of project proposals: Examples of Project Proposals.

The following templates are examples of project proposals only

Direct Funding Process - The HLB MAC Group will develop research project proposals for some of the most promising tools identified by Group members, with input from stakeholders. Tools chosen will have been previously tested to a sufficient degree that the Group believes they are ready to be scaled up and deployed in large-scale field trials. The Group is reaching out to industry, academia, and State and Federal partners to collaboratively develop these projects. Examples of project proposals the Group has discussed include biological control (using tiny wasps to control Asian citrus psyllids populations) and thermotherapy (using heat treatment to kill the HLB-causing bacteria in infected trees).

Examples of Project Proposals: Member Engagement and Promotion of Health Homes

7.3 Examples of project proposals

* The Workshop on Investments in Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Projects will focus on policy reforms to promote investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy projects and on potential for such investments with specific examples of project proposals.
* The Green Buildings Workshop, jointly organized by the UNDP Global Environment Facility (UNDP-GEF) and UNEP’s Sustainable Buildings and Climate Initiative (UNEP-SBCI), will focus on policies, technologies and know-how for the building sector specifically highlighting the significant benefits that buildings offer with regard to energy efficiency, climate change mitigation, and green growth. .

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Examples of project proposals submitted for assessment include clearing or developing land (residential and commercial), mining activities and port development activities.